Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

RotK Extended Edition Rumours

This is from, and keep in mind this is RUMOUR right now, but still not fun to hear.

Ain't it Cool News is reporting a that rumor that New Line is balking on the price WETA Digital is charging to finish the effects for the extra footage that Peter Jackson plans to add back into The Return of the King for the extended edition DVD. The thought is that the studio might be planning to cheap out and use a budget-rate American effects house to finish the shots. We can't vouch for the validity of the rumor, but if it's true, we'll be seriously pissed here at The Bits. New Line... if you're reading this, don't even think about it. You've got a good thing going and these DVDs have really been a cut above the usual studio cookie cutter fare. This is NO time to try to shave a little more profit out of it. Let Jackson and WETA do whatever the hell they want to with the DVD and that's that. They've earned the right. We'll look into this and try to find out if it's really something the studio is considering. If it's true, someone's gonna get an earful from us.

Ain't it Cool is also reporting a list of the scenes to be added back into the film for the extended DVD. These include Gandalf confronting Saruman at Isengard, Merry pledging allegiance to Theoden at Edoras, Aragorn using the Palantir to reveal himself to Sauron, the Witch King confronting Gandalf during the battle of Pelennor Fields, the Houses of Healing scene in which Faramir and Eowyn meet, Frodo and Sam joining a column of orcs on the way to Mt. Doom and the infamous 'Mouth of Sauron' scene at the Black Gates. Glimpses of a few of these appeared in trailers for the film. We've also heard that the drinking game at Edoras between Gimli and Legolas will be added back in, along with possibly more footage showing other characters going into the West at the end of the film. Peter Jackson has said that approximately 65 minutes of material was cut from the film for its theatrical release, so a good portion of that could find its way back into the extended cut. We'll post more when we hear it.

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