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LotR Blowoff

Well, it looks like I get dicked around again.

Long-time readers of my journal may remember last year around this time, when I had made plans to see Two Towers with John, until he showed up one day and told me he'd made plans to go see it in NYC, and I wasn't invited.

I recently read somewhere that these films, because of the themes, are very much meant to be seen with friends. Well, I finally got to see it last year when my long-time best friend came back from COLORADO for a visit. Friend down the street? Tells me to screw off, in no uncertain terms, so he can see it with other people.

So, this year, one of said people who went to NYC with John, I bump into at WalMart, and he aks if we've got any plans to catch it. I say I haven't really asked John about it, but I'd do so, and John would catch up with him at work.

I've now asked John FOUR TIMES if we're going to go see it.

EVERY single time he goes dead silent, and/or sets his IM program so he's suddenly away.

Frank however, is once again coming back from Colorado.

Nice to know who your friends are.

The confounding thing is that he just gave me 150 dollars for Christmas, to get a new power supply for my computer. Most likely scenario: He's made plans, and doesn't want to hurt my feelings. Well damnit, say something, you big tool, because this is making me f'ing paranoid!



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