Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


I've been wanting to do that for about two hours now.

I was working on "Identity" (Now tentatively renamed "Life Goes On") while watching a bit of the Two Towers behind the scenes stuff, and the DVD player locked up. So, I needed to restart. Go to save the novel, and that chokes, and the machine requires me to shut it down, because it's so choked up from the DVD player.

I get the machine back up and running, and guess what didn't save?

Guess what didn't save, but managed to erase the original file of?

Yes, the 41,150ish words I had written so far in my novel. 9,000 words and one week to go, in the most sustained project that has held my interest in a very long time, gone.

Opened up NoteTab right off, praying it had saved. Nope. It didn't open the file automatically like it usually did. Hoping it had just choked up and defaulted to that in the reboot, I clicked on Open...and there was no Identity.txt. Oh dear.

So then, I opened up my deleted file restoration tool. That tends to really only do any good if the file has been actually deleted though, and didn't find it, or anything that, to my eyes, might be it. Oh crap.

Praying to the highest gods of my pantheon, I opened Explorer, hoping against hope that I had just simply missed something, and there was my salvation, hopefully. Identity.bak. Could it be? Yes. Yes it could, from my last save point at 41k, so all I lost was roughly 150 words. Oh happy day.

So, once I had recovered from my heart attack, I renamed to txt, and saved an extra copy to a floppy. And now, I've reached 42k. I'm done for the night.

A story about my story.

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