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About the Last Post

Not that I'm really discontent.

I just couldn't decide on a good mood. I'm kind of everything and nothing.

Although, I must say I'm rather happy tonight.

Had a nice, long chat with Beth, almost totally ignoring the channel. Nothing important. Well, a bit about her fears about moving out of her parents, but that was about it.

I hope that goes well for her. I hate seeing her suffering almost daily there.

But we had a good talk. Mostly light, just bullshitting, but actually TALKING. Not idle chitchat. Learning about each other, laughing, and just having a good time.

I love the feeling of knowing there's someone I so utterly enjoy my time with.

And to anyone else reading this who may be hurt, I love chatting with all of you to, but with Beth it's different!

Love y'all =)

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