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Two Towers

Digital Bits just posted a list of all the new/extended scenes being added into the movie for the release in mid-November, and I now share this with anyone who cares.

A new opening scene, after Gandalf's fall in Moria, in which we see Sam and Frodo climbing down a rocky crevasse using the Elven rope (the title The Two Towers now appears at the start of this scene).

Sam and Frodo getting rained on in the mountains as Gollum watches from a cliff above them.

Gollum's good and bad selves fighting over whether or not to lead Sam and Frodo to Mordor.

The Orcs arguing about their orders, and Pippen asking them to give a wounded Merry some water.

More of Saruman the White overseeing the construction of his Orc army, including his ordering the destruction of Fangorn Forest to fuel his furnaces, as well as the Wildmen pledging allegiance to him.

More of the villages of Rohan being plundered by the Wildmen.

�omer finding a mortally-wounded Th�odred at the scene of a great battle with Saruman's Orcs.

More of Gr�ma Wormtongue banishing �omer from Rohan.

More of the Orcs fighting over whether or not to eat Merry and Pippin, including the realization that they believe the two Hobbits are carrying the Ring.

Gollum complaining of his hunger in the Dead Marshes, eating a worm and playing on Frodo's knowledge of the Ring.

Leoglas talking about the trees in Fangorn Forest, and how Elves first raised them into intelligent creatures long ago.

More of Gandalf the White's return in Fangorn, in which he talks about what's happening in Edoras and how, because of Merry and Pippin's arrival in the forest, the Ents are going to wake up and fight.

Treebeard reciting Ent poetry to Merry and Pippin, which puts them to sleep.

Gandalf telling Aragorn about events to come on the way to Edoras: "Sauron fears what you may become." Gandalf says Sauron doesn't suspect that the plan is to destroy The Ring rather than use it.

Merry and Pippin drinking a potion in Fangorn that causes them to grow, then getting trapped in the roots of a tree until Treebeard saves them.

Treebeard telling Merry and Pippin why there are so few Ents left.

Wormtongue spitting on Aragorn's outstretched hand before he escapes after being spared in Edoras.

Aragorn calming a horse named Brego in the stables of Edoras with Elvish talk, as �owyn watches.

Saruman grumbling about Gandalf's reappearance, then learning of Aragorn's existence from Wormtongue.

King Th�oden promising that they'll return to Edoras before leading his people to Helm's Deep.

More of Faramir capturing Frodo and Sam.

Aragorn and Th�oden talking about �owyn on the road to Helm's Deep.

Aragorn and �owyn talking about his great age over a bowl of bad stew.

Extended flashback moments of Aragorn and Arwen together in Rivendale.

More intense footage of the battle with the Warg Riders.

�owyn checking on the meager food stores upon arrival at Helm's Deep.

More of Faramir telling Sam and Frodo of Boromir's death, and of finding the Horn of Gondor broken.

A major new flashback scene in which we see Boromir and Faramir after reclaiming Osgiliath for Gondor. We learn that their father, Denethor, disapproves of Faramir. Denethor tells Boromir about the meeting that's been called by Elrond in Rivendale - the Ring has been found. Denethor sends Boromir to the meeting, and orders him to bring the Ring back to Gondor to save their people.

Faramir's men beating Gollum before questioning.

Aragorn and �owyn talking before the battle of Helm's Deep. �owyn says she wants to fight at his side, and basically admits that she loves him.

More of the Ent council in the woods - it's already night, but the Ents have only just finished saying "Good morning" to each other.

Much more intense footage during the battle at Helm's Deep.

The trees of Fangorn Forest marching to Helm's Deep, to get revenge on the Orcs.

The Orcs fleeing Helm's Deep, only to be swallowed up by the trees which have blocked their escape.

A very funny moment between Legolas and Gimli in which they brag to each other about the number of Orcs they've each killed in the battle.

Merry and Pippin discovering a pantry filled with food after the battle at Isengard.

And finally, Faramir leading Frodo and Sam out of Osgiliath. Sam tells Faramir that he's finally shown his quality - the very best. Faramir threatens Gollum as to what will happen if the Hobbits come to harm. As they depart for Mordor, Sam is kind to Gollum for the first time, telling him that Frodo only meant to save him by letting Faramir's men take him prisoner.

So that's a rundown of all the new footage. As far as the bonus discs, we only stayed to watch Disc Three. But what we saw included incredibly in-depth documentaries on J.R.R. Tolkien's development of the story of The Two Towers, in the context of The Lord of the Rings as a whole, how the filmmakers struggled to adapt this second book and the changes they had to make in order for the story to work on-screen, and the incredible efforts of actor Andy Serkis, the team of special effects artists at Weta Digital and the writers to bring the character of Gollum to life. You might think you know how much work was involved in creating the first digital character to give a realistic dramatic performance on film, but it was even tougher than you can imagine.


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