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Had a nice talk with one of my closest friends today, for a little guidance, and a hell of a lot of thanks from him. We've only known each other for a few years, but it was one of those instantly close bonds that just grew closer, and stronger, over time.

Scott's (Yes, he's named Scott. And yes, he likes Cyclops. The Coincidence Wagon visits me regulalrly) an amazing guy, who fell on some hard times, that he's finally getting through, and getting his life back on track. I was more than happy to help him out, cheer him up, keep him sane, and just be a friend, and a shoulder to lean on.

It just brought a big smile to my face, to know I helped out a friend. I knew I was, and I don't ask for anything, including thanks, nor do I expect any. But it *IS* nice to hear on occasion. It really just made my day. Nah, my month. Hallfoeween is a bust this year, and money is tight...but I was there for a friend in need. I really don't need anything more than that.

This isn't the first time I've been a guiding influence in my friends' lives, nor, I'm certain, will it be the last. And that's damned find by me.

So, why all this? I dunno. In part because Scott showed me something from his own journal, and I realised I never really use this space to just TALK. By damn, I am actually a writer, and actually have things to say on occasion, I just rarely do. At least not here. Those who've met me know I can be a bit stoic, a bit taciturn, until you get to know me, or on a subject I can jump in on. Once I'm started, you can't shut me up, usually. (As this is starting to prove.)


Love alla you guys. At least, the ones on the friendslist/reading this I actually know. ;)

If I'm so good at helping others stay on the path, how the hell did my life fly so far off the rails? (Rhetorical, guys. I am actually working on it...)

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