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Brief recap: Built a new computer over the summer. New computer has Windows XP. Old scanner dates back to at LEAST '97ish. Company was no longer planning to support 'ancient' technology in WinXP, because of the difference between 16-bit and 32 bit programming.

I've been scannerless (On this machine) for a few months now, and haven't had a chance to scrounge the cash together for a new one. Bouncing between machines when I want to scan something, and burning it to cd, or a floppy, was just damned inconvenient.

So, yesterday, I'm poking through the Sunday paper, specifically the Staples ad, and see they have a nice HP scanner for 30 bucks. Which I still can't scrape together. I drop MAJOR hints to the parents, knowing full well they'd grab it if I was crafty enough.

Wake up, and there's a box by the computer. THAT was unexpected. I figured they'd hold it 'til Christmas, or at least pick it up during the week, not rush right up to the store and leave it at the computer.

Note, I'm not complaining. =)


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