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Human Target

Blackburne Covenant writer Fabian Nicieza has been revealing some details about his upcoming Hawkeye series at the Thunderbolts/Hawkeye message boards. Posters on the board expressed some concern about Hawkeye going on the road and being taken out of costume. Fabian says that Hawkeye fans shouldn�t be worried. �I love the costume too, always have. One of the best designs in comics, IMO.

�That being said, while it works perfectly while standing alongside all the Avengers, it wouldn't play as well when he's standing on a golf course in the middle of the day busting the chops off some good ol' boys...

Like I said, hope you check it out. If you like Clint, you'll like the book, in costume or out, superhero action or a money-mystery, it's Clint like he's rarely had a chance to be shown. All-shmuck, all-fun, all-business!�

In a follow-up answer Nicieza mentions that while the first arc doesn't lend itself to the costume, his initial breakdown of the second arc does.

Posters also asked Fabian if he has any plans to feature Thunderbolts characters in Hawkeye, specifically Mach 3 and Harrier. In his answer Fabian reveals a possible Marvel plan to resurrect the now defunct T�Bolts team. �I'd expect that whatever TBolts ideas Marvel is currently percolating (based on comments they made at recent conventions), would most likely include something with Moonstone, and maybe even Hawkeye.

�As such, since I'm not sure when those plans will see print, planning for it in a possible future arc of the monthly Hawkeye series seems like wasted creative energy.

�If we come out of the gate strong and sales warrant a second arc, I'm preparing the storyline synopsis for that one now. It's a story I think longtime Hawk fans (and those who enjoyed one specific TBolts issue with one specific guest-star) would very much enjoy...�

When asked about his comments regarding sales and future arcs, Nicieza elaborated on his position. �My comment about second arcs, etc. shouldn't be taken as my not being optimistic, but rather simply realistic. Hawkeye IS a monthly series, but if it doesn't sell well enough to support itself, then it WON'T be a monthly series. That goes for ANYTHING that either Marvel or DC publish.

�It is no different on TV. FIREFLY was a weekly TV show until it was cancelled. Then it wasn't.

�Or magazines. GEORGE was a monthly publication. Until it wasn't.

�In the publishing industry, we have to continually prove ourselves. New Warriors Vol. 1 #1-30 sold more than 250,000 copies per issue. It was cancelled at #75. So... was it a 75 issue limited series or simply a monthly series that lasted 75 issues?

�Semantics aside, IMO, if you like Hawkeye, then you will like this comic book.�

A question about the type of villains Hawkeye will face also came up. Fans asked if the former Avenger will be squaring off against super-powered foes. One poster mentioned that one of Hawkeye�s best traits is his �willingness to take on more powerful foes and find ways to beat them.�

Fabian agrees, but says there is a thin line to draw between super-powered and super-skilled in Hawkeye. �From an action, adventure and visual standpoint, what is the difference between fighting the Living Laser or a cult of 99 Archers? At the end of the day, both require insanely incredible skill on Clint's part.

�I have said � and some people choose not to pay attention � that the stories have ESCALATING stakes and confrontation. That's a codeword for INCREASING BITCHING ACTION.

�Once again, it's all story-based. If the story warrants a super-powered foe, you'll see it. Just not Galactus. And no Hawkeye in Hell.�

Though you won�t see Hawkeye go to-to-toe with Mephisto, Fabian says you will see a lot of character development in the series. He is writing three-page prologues from the archer�s past for each issue. "�Past Prologues� to each issue help shape and define Clint's past while also playing to the themes of the present-day storyline. The prologues, when put together at the end of each arc, form almost a mini-story on their own. In �The High, Hard, Shaft�, the story is: �Why does Clint Barton do what he does?� In the second arc, it will be, �Why is Clint so scared about love and relationships?��

Finally, in an interview with Comic Shop News, Nicieza was asked if there is anything he hopes to do with Hawkeye in the new series that he couldn�t in the past. �It�s really apples and oranges,� Nicieza says. �I never would have thought to write HAWKEYE this way before because I never would have been allowed to under previous Marvel regimes. It�s just not how they �saw� comics. I tried � as much as Marvel of that time would allow � to tell stories with this tone and tenor when I wrote NOMAD, but that was honestly ten years ahead of its time for Marvel.�

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