Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

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Moron Alert

* Zsozso ( has joined #ComicBooks
Zsozso> !list
* Alryssa waves.
* Foenix wa...
* Alryssa /eye
Alryssa> :P
* Zsozso was kicked by Foenix (Not a file trading channel)
* Zsozso ( has joined #ComicBooks
Zsozso> !fserve
Alryssa> ...
Foenix>'re an idiot.
Alryssa> HELLO. READ.
Zsozso> fy
Alryssa> Not a file trading channel
* Foenix sets mode: +o Alryssa
Alryssa> fy? I'm sorry, I don't speak AOL.
Zsozso> it means fuck You
Zsozso> bye
* Zsozso ( has left #ComicBooks
Alryssa> Wooo, I'm soooo intimidated.
Alryssa> Don't you just feel SO put in your place?


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