Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Must Burn Down Wal-Mart

Those who've been listening to me on IRC the last few weeks already know my annoyance with Wal-Mart regarding my Unicron order, and today they just pushed back the arrival date until the freaking end of the month. I just sent the following email, the second this week, to their customer service center.

Ok, look.

My item has been processed and shipped several times, most errors, I've been charged twice, which very well could have screwed me over with my bank, if I hadn't had the funds in my account to cover two 60 dollar orders at once, since you credited my account then almost immediately charged me again. Charged money disasppears immediately, but credited funds take around a week to go back into my account. My item has been 'processing' for two weeks now, the order tracking page on your site said it should have arrive here FRIDAY at the *latest*, and now it gets updated that it might not be here until August 26th, and is still 'processing', despite that the item availability says this will only take 1 or 2 days?

I am getting beyond annoyed at this point. I've been jerked around, my emails are never responded to in anything resembling a timely fashion, and an item I should have had weeks ago, won't be here for weeks to come? I am disgusted, and if I had an option to go and pick the item up somewhere local, not Wal-Mart, since you surely don't deserve this money a THIRD time, I'd cancel the order right now, but you frankly have me at a disadvantage.

I am sorely disappointed at the LACK of service, and how much I have been jerked around with this order, and am very unlikely to ever order anything from your website ever again.

I'd ask for some assistance in moving this item along, but won't receive a response for a week anyways, so why bother?

Jason Bourgeois

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