Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Return of the Virii Warnings

I haven't done these in ages, but it's about time, especially with the new, fun threat, Blaster.

Swing over to TechTV for information, protection, and cleaning stuff.

Remember folks, it is very important to your security, and the security of everyone, as well as the usability of the 'net, to keep your machine patched and updated, with a good anti-virus program and firewall.

In fact, here are some damned good free options: for an antivirus program, I reccomend Grisoft's AVG program, and for a firewall, it's very hard to go wrong with Zone Alarm. Again, these are both free, and very easy to get set up.

And remember, having an antivirus program doesn't necessarily make you safe. It needs to be kept updated, and even then, a new virus can hit you before they're aware of it, or written the definitions to recognise it.

Use common sense when surfing, reading email, avoid downloading attachments, and keep your machine protected. It's good for everyone.


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