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Get up, reboot, try logging into AOL, as always, and find out the latest build (I beta) has been blocked. So, I head to Rutland and get Buffy season 4. Far less issues than the trials to get Babylon 5, and only forty bucks. Le woo.

Get back, download the new beta build for AOL9, which I probably shouldn't be typing about, but I doubt knowing that AOL9 exists will be too damaging. ;)

Anyways, while that downloads, I check the DVDs to make sure they're all ok. Get that done, start the installation. That goes ok, if slow due to the largeness of AOL these days. Then, the kicker. The joy of joys. Internet Exploiter 6. Oh *YAY*. Forced installation as part of AOL9. I have zero use for MSIE, and have done my damnedest to keep it off my machine, until I build a new one, and get it *any*ways. Ah well.

Fortunately, I survived that install better than a lot of folks I know.

Reboot, BigFix tells me I need SP1, which I was expecting, reboot, BigFix tells me I need another patch, reboot...*thinks* Yeah, then I was good to go.

This took about an hour and change.

Well, the installing.

Earliest I've been up in awhile, and the latest I've gotten online in ages. Go figure.

And my first personal non-link post in awhile.

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