Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


I have returned.

And guess what? Not with DVDs.

Can't say I'm terribly surprised.

"It's going to come to over 100 dollars."

"I don't want it."


"You made me wait 18 days. Almost THREE WEEKS from the time it should have come in, and you expect me to pay original retail price? You won't charge me the price it should have been the day it came out?"


"Fine. I'm going to walk out that door, go home, and order it online. At your own website. For about 25-30 dollars less than what you're asking right here, right now. And have it in a few days."

"All right, fine."


Total cost: 26 dollars and change, since I had a gift card for the store. That I could use on the website as well.

26 bucks, and a shitload of aggrivation over the last three weeks.


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