Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Silver Age Sillies

Mostly... Friend sent me this list of things, thought I'd share. Feel free to add. ;)


I've been pondering some of the sillier things in life that would adversely affect anyone who was gifted with Super Powers and decided to fight crime and have come up with a few questions:

1)Does Superman or any other flying super hero get bugs in their teeth or on their face when they're flying around?

2)Does Aquaman have to wait an hour after eating before he can move about Atlantis?

3)Would Brath have to worry about tetnis?

4)Has Spiderman ever gotten rope burn from sliding down a webline?

5)Has a bird ever flown into the Invisible Girl the way they fly into windows?

6)Will salt melt Iceman?

7)How does the Silver Surfer keep from tarnishing? And do valley girls walk up to him and check their hair and makeup by the reflection on his skin?

8)Does Firestorm's head set off sprinklers and fire alarms when he's indoors?

9)Why doesn't the Flash get windburn?

10)Why doesn't Batman have respiratory problems from living in that damp cave?

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