Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Miracles Watch

Surprisingly, a Miracles tidbit. I guess it ain't over 'til the fat demon drinks the blood of the, sings.

Richard Hatem, creator of ABC's canceled supernatural series Miracles, told the Web site that he hopes the remaining unaired episodes eventually come out somewhere. "I simply dont know," Hatem told the site. "Im too new at the TV game. All I know is, we are still 100 percent dedicated to getting the fully completed 13 episodes out there for people to see. We agree: The show is too good to not see the light of day."

Hatem added the he'd welcome a DVD set of all 13 produced episodes. "A DVD collection would be amazing: 13 hours of beautifully produced suspense stories that have a series-wide beginning, middle and end," he told the site.
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