Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Logic Failure

* Now talking in #ComicBooks
* Topic is 'Welcome to #Comicbooks! If you're new, be sure to check out our FAQ: | THIS IS NOT A COMICSCAN TRADING CHANNEL. DO NOT ASK WHERE THEY ARE.'
* Set by O`Foenix on Mon Mar 17 14:00:56

* snooplsm ( has joined #comicbooks
* Foenix waves
* DkPhoenix waves
* DkPhoenix pokes snooplsm.... you alive?
snooplsm> yes
snooplsm> i'm alive
DkPhoenix> Just checking ;-)
snooplsm> but i'm looking for downloadable books
snooplsm> so i'm your enemy then
DkPhoenix> Not if you're willing to chat
DkPhoenix> We just don't trade scans on this channel, because, like, we don't want the channel shut down by Dal :-P
DkPhoenix:@#comicbooks- I wonder if we kicked it, or one of it's friends out before? ;-)
snooplsm> you actually think that will happen though?
Foenix> Well, ok, we also believe in supporting comic stores, which are closing left and right.
snooplsm> good point
DkPhoenix> It does violate Dal's AUP. And even if it didn't, c'mon, scanning comics? a) They're not that expensive, and b) They're extraordinarily ill-suited to reading on a computer screen
snooplsm> i don't read comics anyway
DkPhoenix> And yes, we want to support comic stores.

And this is where I sit and stare at the screen for about five minutes.

DkPhoenix> If you don't mind the question... if you don't read comics, what brought you to the channel named for them? ;-)
snooplsm> hobby of mine
snooplsm> going to channels where 1 or 2 peeps are

Mmm, patheticness.

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