Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


I just signed on to Ebay, to leave someone feedback, and checked on my own, since I was amused at seeing I had 13 feedbacks.

I get there, and see I have a new negative, from an address I recognised. I pulled up my old emails, and see it was indeed for an auction I had won, and was waiting for the item to be delivered. The feedback said I had not paid.

Knowing this to be, simply put, a load of bullshit, just to be safe I pulled up PayPal, and indeed, there was the transaction to said person. I then proceeded to pull out my bank statement, and hey, there's the 20 dollars going to the right person...

So, not only have I been slightly defamed, but HE has reneged on his side of the bargain AND taken off with my money.

I'm...shall we say, annoyed. I'm going to sleep on it before sending off the rather angry letter I currently have typed up.

Hmm, he's in New York, and not all that far from me...

I'll be good.

For now. >=)



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