Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Jason and John's Bogus Journey

I'm gonna be nice and

Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

Gather around the hearthfire, my friends, and bring over your ale, because I've got little story for one and all.

First, you require a little bit of background. See, I'm visually impaired, and can't cart myself around. I'm dependant on others for my transportation. Consequently, I still reside with my parents, since I actually like them, and they'll take me most anywhere I need to go.

Now, I also live in the middle of nowhere, Vermont, where there are next to no comic stores left. I've watched them all shrivel up and die, practically. I'm theorising I'm a comicstore blackhole, slowly sucking them in, the nearest first, the radius ever-expanding...

Currently, the nearest comic store is a little over two hours away. There was one closer, but it JUST closed. I thus recruited my friend John, whom some of you have met, and we went to Burlington.

So, due to these factors, I've been ordering my comics online, and have been relatively happy. I do miss the comic store experience, but hey, thems the breaks, right?

Since today is my birthday, and BRAAAAATH!! was coming out, I decided it would be cool to actually go to a brick and mortar comicstore, and aquire my comics for this week, and do some kind of support for Brath.

Well, after getting there a little after noon, I inquired about the new comics, to be informed they weren't on the shelves yet. Fair enough, the store had barely opened at 12. I asked when they expected the books to be in, and he expected them to be in, and on the shelves, around 3. I turned to my friend who had driven me to the store, and inquired if that was doable, since he had to be back home for family stuff tonight, and it was.

So, we're good so far, and head to the mall to kill a little time.

We return a little early, still no new books. We discover at this point that the comics have been there for about three hours, just still in their boxes. I inquire what the deal is, politely hiding my annoyance, and am informed that they need to wait for a "certain someone from the store upstairs" to approve them to open the boxes and put the stuff on the shelves.

This person was called about an hour before I got there the second time, and it took her another 15 minutes to finally get around to deigning the comics of any importance to bother with.

By now, there's roughly eight people mulling around the store, most likely wanting their new comics, and my time is growing short.

So what do these people do? They look at these stacks of boxes which, from what I was hearing, had been sitting on their floor, gathering dust, to get them out of the way to 'make room'.

FINALLY, they get to one of the boxes of comics. It takes them, amidst the bullshitting amongst themselves, a good twenty minutes to sort through that one box. I've been at various comicstores of differing sizes, and they almost always can get through their entire order, sorted out, in that same time frame, a little longer for the really big stores I've hit.

By this point, maybe two of the comics I came for, neither being Brath, were out. They had these comics for four hours, and had barely even gotten into stocking their shelves for the day. This is when my time ran out, and we had to leave. I wasn't about to plop down any cash for basically having my day wasted, for two comics - they probably wouldn't have taken the time from their oh so busy schedule to ring me up anyways - and just walked out, to begin the long drive home.

The entire adventure, from leaving my house, to returning? Eight hours. 4-5 hours driving, 3-4 hours of waiting for them to get their jobs done, and I have nothing to show for it, but my filled-up travel mug of coffee.

If you're ever in Burlington, Vermont, and see Earth Prime Comics, don't bother going in. Take your buisness elsewhere.

Now, the only question is, do I order this week's comics now, to get them as soon as possible, or wait 'til Saturday and order them with next week's stuff, and have to wait until next Friday, at the earliest, until I have my books?

Sparing you all a very long post.


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