Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

How Timely.

Moviegoers worried about their admiration for Dr Hannibal Lecter can rest easy - Sir Anthony Hopkins says it's OK to like the serial killer. As Red Dragon - the prequel to The Silence Of The Lambs - hits cinema screens, the Welsh acting legend has spoken out about the strange fascination with his character. Hopkins says, "We admire him in a secret way. He represents the unspeakable part of ourselves, the fantasy, desires and dark areas of our lives that are slightly unacceptable to us, but actually healthy, if only we acknowledge them. Perhaps, we'd like to be as daredevil as him. But admiring him doesn't mean we're deeply disturbed, sick people. It means that we're human." Hopkins, who is reprising his role as the Chianti loving cannibal for the third time, believes that the escapism afforded by cinema is often coupled with universal truths about the nature of man. He says, "We're all flawed, deeply damaged, imperfect beings. We're corruptible, shabby, grubby, great magnificent and all the rest of it. That's why we like watching Hitchcock's Psycho, Jaws and going on rollercoasters. We like to be thrilled, entertained, frightened. We like to see Dirty Harry say, 'Make my day' and see the bad guy get his just desserts."

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