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CrossGen Rumour

'Wing, posting here so I don't forget.

Sparing folks who don't give a damn...

This is from Rich Johnston's weekly rumour column at, and comes with the caveat that it IS rumour, but a highly likely one, with strong ties so I buy it, mostly.



[Green Light]A few weeks ago, Steve Geppi visited the CrossGen compound and had a nice long meeting with Mark Alessi.

After the two mighty heads had stopped knocking, a bunch of CrossGen staff gathered in the kitchen area, and Geppi announced to them that CrossGen was now a Premier Publisher, moving their listing in Diamond Previews to the front of the catalogue.

Speaking for about twenty minutes, he told the assembled crew, "We're ready to bet on you guys, because you're the future."

And this upcoming week's Previews will feature an 18 page section for CrossGen product - not in the front of the catalogue for this month, due to printing schedules, but expect full up front prominence next month. Indeed, if the Premier Publishers stick to the alphabetical order they've always been in (Acclaim, Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Wizard), CrossGen should be at the very front of Previews now that Acclaim have ceased publishing.)

[CrossGen]There are many more benefits to being a Premier Publisher than simple prominence. There are better terms and conditions of trade, an agent/broker agreement rather than a simple publisher/distributor deal, and as a result, much more control over content, pricing, promotions and micro-management.

CrossGen has been expanding as a comic company of late, first with a fantasy-based universe of titles, then a small genre diversification into mystery, horror and martial arts and now representing other properties outside the CrissGen universe. It's been understood that CrossGen were promised Premier status from Diamond when they grew past a five percent share - which they have now achieved..

However, it's also understood that existing Premier Publishers were given a veto over new publishers joining the fold. And with Marvel and DC employing practices strictly prejudicial against CrossGen, that can't be an easy sell on Diamond's part.

When asked, Jennifer Hernandez - General Counsel of CrossGen replied "no comment".

Well, she would say that, wouldn't she? Look for this one to break large

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