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Hey gang.

Y'all know I occasionally poke through and give updates on virii and flaws that you should know about, and here I am with a new one.

And this is a doozy...

There is a *lovely* little flaw in Windows XP (All versions to date) that if exploited, would allow a person to pretty much delete anything they want to, simply by you clicking on a link on a webpage, or in an e-mail.

This bug has been known for almost three months, but was kept quiet, due to the seriousness of it, until a patch was made.

If anyone out there has Windows XP, *please* download Service Pack 1 by clicking on Windows Update in the Start Menu.

This is a slightly large file (130 or so meg), and there is a way to fix this particular flaw if you can't DL this right away. I still would reccomend doing so, since it undoubtedly fixes a few other issues/flaws/holes, but for those on slower connections, a quick fix for the big issue at hand is available until you can do this.

Simply rename or delete the file uplddrvinfo.htm. Do a search for it. Personally, I reccomend renaming it, since you never know if it may be needed, or something.

Again, this could be a serious issue, if/when the hackers figure out how to do it (And knowing that file is a big key), so protect yourself, and your computer. I'd hate to see someone not take this seriously and be bitten in the ass.


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