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Left too early, by far...

* marvel_boy8 ( has joined #comicbooks
marvel_boy8> Hi guys!
Foenix> Howdy.
marvel_boy8> How are you
Foenix> Pretty good.
marvel_boy8> How do you get warez comics?
* norsktige ( has joined #comicbooks
Foenix> Not here.
* norsktige ( Quit (Quit: )
marvel_boy8> What sites can you get warez comics?
Foenix> Damned if I know.
marvel_boy8> What about online reprints?
* Foenix shrugs.
* norsktige ( has joined #comicbooks
marvel_boy8> Norsk
* Foenix waves
norsktige> so after joining shal I then write /join #thecomicrack?
Foenix> Huh?
norsktige> ah reivaxis not here anymore?
* norsktige ( has left #comicbooks
marvel_boy8> In my hometown we had a vote on who would be a good op in mirc for a differant catergories, there were about twenty of us and I was voted #1 in the comic book op catergory; it was a lot of fun!
Rayner> very haunting
marvel_boy8> Why?
Foenix> That's so very sad.
marvel_boy8> That's what small towns do
marvel_boy8> It was all for a bit of fun
* Foenix lives in one of the smallest towns, actually, a village. No they don't.
marvel_boy8> Australian desert towns
marvel_boy8> Do you think I deserved the #1 person to become a comic book chat room op?
Foenix> Don't know.
Rayner> in your circle of friends? sure...why not
marvel_boy8> It was not a circle of freinds but a town of about 20-30
Rayner> that's a town?
Foenix> Here's a tip, never mention ops again, and you'll be off to a good start.
marvel_boy8> Well...not many people joined in cause not many of us have internet so only some of the town went
marvel_boy8> A whole town voted me to be op here, how could you refuse?
Foenix> And constantly mentioning them, in fact to the point of that being the bulk of your conversation by a very wide margin, is a real good way to be kicked, if not banned.
Rayner> and they voted you an op in a category..this is a channel =P
Foenix> And we don't give a shit. ;)
marvel_boy8> Well whatever...but I got voted by a whole town to be in this channel it took me days to organise!
marvel_boy8> You still wont do it after what I went through to get a whole town to do that!
Foenix> Especially after.
Rayner> isn't anyone in the Night of the Living Dead universe buried in a damn coffin? =P
Foenix> We don't op sadly pathetic people.
* Foenix looks at Ray. "Well..."
Foenix> ;)
Rayner> yes, we have the channel set to op them automatically =)
marvel_boy8> Jeeez. I better cancel my radio broadcast in Melbourne and the local community tv appearance!
Rayner> we don't actually sully our own hands
Foenix> That might be wise.
Rayner> so you're saying he won't cancel?
marvel_boy8> Damn. I paid good money for the broadcasting and tv equipment and now it is wasted
Rayner> ok...time to crash
Foenix> Seeya, Ray.
marvel_boy8> Ok. Op me before you go to bed
* Rayner (Rayner@ Quit (Quit: Everybody's Been Shot)
* Rayner has left IRC
marvel_boy8> So it's just us too, huh?
Foenix> Looks like.
marvel_boy8> My dream is shattered again. Y'know what's the use of living if I can't become an op. I may as well...kill myself
marvel_boy8> Y'know thats what I should'd probably like that too!
Foenix> Go for it.
marvel_boy8> here goes nothing...goodbye and remember I died because I wasnt an op
Foenix> Yay!
Foenix> I won't be bothered anymore!
marvel_boy8> gqngnqgnqgnqgnqgnqgnqw erer v9n g cds bs
marvel_boy8> cc c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c b
marvel_boy8> Excuse me, I'm sorry but we found a body here we beleive something happened in the chat channel, we need some information......John Biggs...Police Officer
marvel_boy8> We heard the gun shot and was in the area, it is only a small town) Please hurry it up, we need the evidence for the suicide case
marvel_boy8> Excuse me. Are you there. Could you please respond sooner. We are very busy tonight.
Foenix> Uh huh.
marvel_boy8> What happened?
marvel_boy8> What did he say he commited suicide for?
Foenix> My patience for stupdity came to an end.
* Foenix sets mode: +b *!*
* marvel_boy8 was kicked by Foenix (Shoo)



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