Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Gotta Love 'Em

This is an amusing scam that just passed into my mailbox. Quite amused.

Dear Friend

My name is Miss Alimatu Mane ,a Sierra Leonean
residing in Burkina-Faso,West Africa.I am 22years old
You will be surprise to receive this mail from a total
stanger like me,Anyway, i got your contact through
internet and decided to approach you for assistance.

My father,the late Dr Aboumane Mane,was one of the
prominent Diamond dealers in my country Sierra Leone,
he was also one of the paramont chiefs in my town
before He was murdered in cold blood early last year
alongside with my mother by the Rebels of R.U.F when
they invaded the town.

When i got home from school to see the remains of my
late father and other family members,i discovered that
my home had been burnt down and my parents were both
murdered by the Rebels of R.U.F that has been fighting
against the legitimate Government in my country since
My late father deposited the sum of(USD$15million) as
Burkina-Faso,West Africa before his untimely
death,this money was meant to be used to build an
ultral mordern medical Clinic here in Burkina-Faso
for me after i shall have completed my studies as a
qualified Dorctor but untimely death of my parents
have denied me this good opportunity.

Now,as the next of kin and the only child,i have made
claims of ownership of the box containing the money
although the people at the Trust Company are not aware
of the contents of the box,But i need a reliable
person outside Africa through whom i could move the
money abroad and who will subsequently help me to
invest the money wisely while i go back to school to
complete my education.

Bear in mind that i would entrust this money in your
hands if you would be willing to help me in this
I am also willing to give you 25% of the total sum if
you will be willing to assist me in this matter.In
addition,i will equally deduct 5% after the transfer
to cover expenses incurred in the course of moving
this money abroad to your account.

If you can assist,please get back to me promptly
through my e-mail address so that we can discuss the
modalities of making this move. I will equally insist
that you make it a very private and confidential

I look forward to hear from you soonest.

Kind Regards

Miss Alimatu Mane

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