Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Just thought folks would like to know that Spider-Man will be out on DVD November 1st.

The two-disc DVD set of Spider-Man -- available in wide and full screen editions -- features interactive elements with never-before-revealed Spider-Man factoids and a first look at comic book-to-film comparisons. Also releasing on Nov. 1 will be a specially packaged limited-edition Collector's DVD Gift Set, "loaded with extra features."

The Collector's DVD Gift Set will feature the widescreen special edition Spider-Man DVD with extras including a reprint of Marvel Comic's Amazing Fantasy #15 in which Spider-Man was created; an exclusive collectible drawing by John Romita, Sr. and artist John Romita, Jr.; a collectible numbered film cel from the movie; and more.

DVD features will include:


* Audio: English and French 5.1 (Dolby Digital).

* Subtitles: English, French and Spanish.

* Subtitled Factoids "Weaving the Web": Pop-On Production Notes and Historical Facts.

* Commentary: Sam Raimi (director), Laura Ziskin (producer), Kirsten Dunst and Grant Curtis (co-producer).

* SFX Commentary: John Dykstra (special effects designer) and visual effects crew.

* Branching Web-i-sodes (access via Spider-Sense).

* Marketing Campaigns: Trailers and TV Spots.

* Filmographies and Character Files.

* Music Videos: Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott, "Hero," and Sum 41, "What We're All About."

* DVD-ROM: Comic/Feature Comparison; Record Your Own Commentary; Countdown to "Spider-Man 2"; Weblinks.


* HBO Making of Spider-Man.

* Spider-Mania: an E! Entertainment Special.

* Director Profile: Sam Raimi.

* Composer Profile: Danny Elfman.

* Screen Tests: Tobey Maguire, J.K. Simmons and CGI Spider-Man.

* Costume and Makeup Tests.

* Gag/Outtake Reel.

* Conceptual Art and Production Design Gallery.

* Historical Documentary -- "Spider-Man:" The Mythology of the 21st Century.

* The "Spider-Man" Comic Book Archives.

* Rogues Gallery.

* The Loves of Peter Parker.

* Comic Book Artist Pin-Up Gallery.

* Activision Game: Hints and Tips.

* DVD-ROM: Activision Game (two playable levels for PC); three exclusive Marvel dot.comics (Spider-Man: Blue #1, Black Cat #1 and Peter Parker: Return of the Goblin); Spider-Man: Visualizer.

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