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More B5 DVD stuff.

>What about the sound? Will they make me happy (and my neighbors mad)
>and give me Babylon 5 in Dolby Digital 5.1?

The sound is being remastered to 5.1.


Edit to add more and not make another post. This is from a reply by Joe about WB not paying for the commentaries, and reveals a bit more of what extras we can possibly see.

"No. It's WB's policy that they don't pay to have people do commentaries. The problem here is that there's so *much* that they on-camera interview, two to four full commentaries, and further analyses on the races, technologies, politics, all that's a huge amount of work. But their response was that if it wasn't done for free, across the board, they'd just deliver a foreshortened version, little to no extras, no publicity, little to nothing without my commentary, which they feel is essential to the set. Rather than have a lesser version go out to the fans, I figured I'd just bite the bullet and do it."

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