Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Young Justice Readers

Well, IceWing and Curly, at least. ;) The only two I know, and that I know were shouting how evil PAD is for the last issue... Well, it gets worse.


"Not being announced immediately.

"When I hit upon the notion of having a reader write-in for a new YJ leader (a la the Legion of old), I realized my one window of opportunity to do it was issue #46. Why? Because #46 marked the return of Robin, and with some potential flux in both membership and leadership, that was the place to do it. Would that I had figured it out a year ago. So we put the reader-voting part of it into action as quickly as we humanly could, but deadlines caught up with us and there was simply no way we'd have a decision from the readership before the script for #46 was actually do.

"So issue #46 of YJ ends in admittedly cruel fashion by leaving the question of leadership hanging. Still, we should have had it ready to announce with #47.


"In a real life extravaganza evocative of Florida, several bags of mail--including a bag filled with ballots from readers--went astray from the DC mail room. By the time it was finally recovered (and it was), I had to have turned in the script for #47 and #48 as well. It's not hanging chads, but it's as close as you can get.

"So readers ain't finding out in #47 or 48 either. Yet the upcoming events required leadership decisions to be made. How to deal with it without knowing the identity of the leader? Easy. The leader speaks from off panel. It's one of those moments when you're really grateful for the silent medium of comics.

"So issue #47 launches a four parter that has major impact on our cast and culminates in a double-sized guest-star packed extravaganza in #50...but the one thing it doesn't have is the ID of the leader. That's in #49.


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