Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Another funny IM with a friend. And this time, I don't care about changing his name to protect the innocent. ;)

Gorok190: damn
Gorok190: damn, damn, damn
Foenix13: Hmm?
Gorok190: Nothing.
Gorok190: Just a boring week.
Foenix13: Die ;P
Gorok190: Yay!
Gorok190: Jason is now me! I have completed the mission of tainting his soul!
Foenix13: *snort* What soul?
Gorok190: LOL
Gorok190: AOL went kablooy on me.
Gorok190: It apparently obeys your commands.
Gorok190: That scares me.
Foenix13: Mwahahahah
Foenix13: AOL's my bitch.

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