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Icewing, I Hate You!! ;)

Nah, not really.

*** ^SoldierBoy^ ( has joined #subcafe
-Foenix> SB!
-Foenix> SB!
-IceWing> RUN SB!
* Foenix bounces
* ^SoldierBoy^ runs.
*** ^SoldierBoy^ ( Quit (Quit: "I'm not interested in the next generation, dear. I'm interested in us."--)
-Foenix> LOL, he's scared now...
-Foenix> HEY!
-IceWing> hahaha
* Foenix runs up behind IceWing and *clangs* them upside the head with an Akira collector's tin.
-IceWing> ROTF
* Aoife_Pook giggles.
-IceWing> I can't believe he did that!
*** JohnSmith ( has joined #subcafe
-Foenix> Hey SB.
-JohnSmith> BLAST!
-Foenix> Breaking News: Veteran X-writer Chris Claremont has confirmed that the MekaniX limited series, starring Shadowcat, will debut in June and that if sales on the series are good it could be extended beyond 6 issues.
-JohnSmith> erk
* IceWing is still laughing.
-Indigo_> John Smith?
-IceWing> Foe has been waiting for you for 2 days!
-Indigo_> SB?
-Foenix> No, just one!


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