Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey



When I shut down this morning, I think I killed the power a second or two too early, and something got screwed up, and had to be restored from a backup, setting me back something like six months on a lot of settings.

Heck, it still was looking for stuff in the America Online 5 directory.

Had to smack it around for awhile to have it stop asking me for a windows login, my connection was dying every five minutes, and that damned "Loading System Policies" dialogue box is back, and I can't get rid of it, since the way I did it before still seems mostly in place. The things I should be able to delete to get rid of it are already gone. And I don't have the win98 cd (Yay system restore disks!!) to install the Policy Editor to fix it.


Insert any standard anti-MS rant here.


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