Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

LotR DVD news

Thought I'd pass this on, since I know there are...a few Ringsgeeks reading my waste of space called a journal ;) This comes from the Digital Bits website's Rumour Mill.

" Now for more Lord of the Rings DVD news. The Urban Cinephile website recently posted an online interview with Barrie M. Osborne, who was a producer on the project. Here's an excerpt from the article which pertains to the eventual DVD release: "As for the DVD, Osborne promises it will be released just before the second film is released theatrically, and it will have on it the longer cut. And at some point, he admits, the 9-hour version of the trilogy � all three films, end to end - is also a distinct possibility." We're also hearing that in addition to the longer cut, you can expect numerous deleted scenes, audio commentary and extensive behind-the-scenes material (all of which is arguably a given). The DVD will at least be a 2 disc (and probably a 3-disc) release. And, as you've probably already heard (in recent comments by New Line's president for worldwide distribution and marketing, Rolf Mittweg, on, the disc is expected to be released in August, and to include an exclusive preview for the next installment, The Two Towers."

Longer cut... Deleted scenes... Possible 3-disc set. *drool*

Shiny. ;)


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