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A Note About Ops

As I'm laying to sleep, this came to my mind, and I had to share while it was fresh in my head. So, a few words about the ops, by the head op.

We are not perfect.

We make mistakes.

We make errors in judgement.

We have bad days.

We have lives outside the channel. (Well, ok, I don't...)

We have biases, good and bad, that cause us to make mistakes and errors in judgement. No matter what, our biases cause us to make our decisions.

We are human.

We deserve to be treated as such.

Remember when we were all friends? When we could poke fun at each others' little foibles and goofs, without sending people off to wallow in tears?

Remember when we didn't go out of our way to make that happen?

We may not have always got along, but we RESPECTED each other. We could all come together, set aside our differences, and just chat.

When did this change?

When did we forget that the folks on the other end of the electrical highways of the net were people, with lives, and feelings?

I don't like going into modes about "The Good Ol' Days", but I have to ask... What happened? When did people decide that one of their purposes around here was to spend most of the time destroying others enjoyment?

When did respect get thrown out the window, and people decided they had to bring down the enjoyment of the channel for everyone by going after a few people, disrupting everything?

...I have no idea where this is going.

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