Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

The ABC's of Foenix

Shamelessly swiped from Curly ;)

A - Age: 24
B - Best Friend: Frank Conrad. Sorry guys, but no one has known me as long as him, or done the things he's done. Some of you come close, but this is the standard to which all others are measured. ;)
C - Choice of Meat: Moocow
D - Dream Date: Right now ANY date.
E - Exciting Adventure: *snicker* How about a car drive to Texas?
F - Favorite Food: Pasta, meat.
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Completed two books. Now, to get them published.
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: September 30th, 2001.
I - Interests: Comics, sci-fi, horror, books, redheads, coffee.
J - Joke: Knock knock? Who's there? Kosh. Kosh who? Geshundheit!

K - Kool-Aid: I couldn't tell you a Kool-Aide flavour if my life depended on it.
L - Love: Beth, my family, the world
M - Most Valued Possession: My life. Nothing else matters.
N - Name: Jason, which means healer.
O - Outfit You Love: Casual: Jeans, tshirts, sneakers, the trench. In the cold, a sweater or sweatshirt. I've concluded one reason I like the cold is because I look better with these additions. Dressy: I haven't done dressy in like 15 months.
P - Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, sausage... I love Pizza Hut's Meat Lovers' =9
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: Online, "You're a GUY?!" Offline, "Why don't you go back to school?"
R - Radio Station: None. I avoid the radio at all costs.
S - Sport: Ditto with sports.
T - Television Show: Reboot, Farscape, Gargoyles, (I swiped the survey from the right person! Glad I deleted the choice of clothes responses though...) Simpsons, Invisible Man, Buffy, Angel, and I'm hoping I can add 24 to the list.
U - Umbrella in the rain?: Never. I *love* the rain. I run out barefoot.
V - Video: "Scrape" by Unsane. I think. I may have it reversed. Never listened to the song, but the video is great. It's a bunch of clips of skateboarders wipining out in painful ways. I laugh.
W - Winter: I love the winter, so pretty. The cold is debatable, but I'll take it to the heat. You've heard it before, but you can always put on more clothes. You can only take off so many. Plus, I need that seasonal balance. And less sunlight ;)
X - X-rays recently?: Never. Not once.
Y - Year Born: 1977
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

And now you know...not much, really.


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