Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

The End

Well, I think this time, it really is the last IM from Melissa. Enjoy. Oh, one slight thing has been edited out, at request.

june69ed: hello
Foenix13: Hi.
Foenix13: Back on your normal name, I see.
june69ed: did you free felix
june69ed: no
june69ed: this is not my normal name
june69ed: you are the only one who knows about this name
Foenix13: Well, me and all my friends.
june69ed: yes only all of you
june69ed: i created this name just to talk to you
Foenix13: Well, to talk to Mike, and you ended up with me.
june69ed: no to talk to you
june69ed: jason bourgeois
Foenix13: Except you didn't know me when you created the screen name.
june69ed: true but i thought i did
june69ed: i thought you were jason who changed his last name to bourgeois
june69ed: hey did you ever let felix out
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: isnt he so cute
Foenix13: Eh, kind of.
june69ed: is he on your screen now?
Foenix13: Nope, closed the program.
june69ed: oh that is too bad
june69ed: he needs a nap tho
june69ed: what is your friends name?
Foenix13: Hmm?
june69ed: you know pixiekim
Foenix13: Well, you know her name, it seems.
june69ed: not her real name
Foenix13: That's pretty much what I know her as.
june69ed: oh so she is not a real friend
Foenix13: You've yet to talk to many of my real friends.
june69ed: i dont really want to
Foenix13: Although, as far as I'm concerned, the people I know from IRC are my real friends.
june69ed: what is IRC
Foenix13: Internet Relay Chat.
june69ed: what is that
Foenix13: It's like AOL chatrooms, but a lot better.
june69ed: i dont go into chat rooms
Foenix13: I don't go into AOL chatrooms anymore either.
june69ed: and i dont do orgies either
Foenix13: Well, that came outta nowhere.
june69ed: not nowhere your friend pixie is talking about it
Foenix13: Ahhh.
june69ed: now i am talking to more amphibians
Foenix13: Amphibians are nice.
june69ed: i dont particuarly like them
june69ed: so anyway
june69ed: i never thought you were mike
june69ed: i knew your name was jason
Foenix13: Right.
june69ed: and i knew b/c i read your profile
june69ed: that is how i found your screen name
Foenix13: Oh, really, not from a friend of yours?
june69ed: no
Foenix13: So, you've been lying to me since the start.
june69ed: i thought you were jason bourgeois who used to be ***** ***** and changed his name and moved to seattle
Foenix13: And you started off calling me Mike?
june69ed: yes
Foenix13: And I gotta wonder about the sanity of someone who would WANT this last name. =)
june69ed: jason ***** would not talk to me and now i know you are not jason
june69ed: *****
june69ed: it is his real fathers last name and ***** was his step fathers name
it is his real fathers last name and ***** is his step fathers
Foenix13: Ahhh, I can see that.
june69ed: anyway, we had a relationship and it did not end well and i wanted to have his screen name
Foenix13: My apologies for finding the wrong one.
june69ed: its ok it is much more fun to talk to you anyway
june69ed: and besides you are fun to talk to about ludicrous stuff and you dont even know my real name so it is nice and safe
Foenix13: Wait, Melissa isn't your real name?
june69ed: no just kidding it is
Foenix13: Of course, how can I believe anything else you've said...
june69ed: what do you think my name is
june69ed: take a guess
Foenix13: Well, aside from Melissa, I have no other option. Just pondering on how everything you've told me has been thrown into question.
june69ed: well do you really think that anything i have said is very reasonable or believable
june69ed: i think i have amused you quite a bit tho
june69ed: as you have said
Foenix13: Oh, definitely...
june69ed: then why do you care what is true
june69ed: i am not nearly as interesting as "melissa" is
Foenix13: Because truth and the trust that comes from it are very important to me.
june69ed: oh then you really should not talk to crazy people online b/c odds are everything they tell you is not true
Foenix13: Eh, I've put up with you this long...
june69ed: so is this goodbye then
june69ed: are you there?
june69ed: jason?
Foenix13: Maybe. I'm glad I finally know what the deal was all this time. And there were a few times where I actually didn't mind talking to you, when you were calmer and not being overly strange. Tonight, for instance hasn't been TOO bad. If you plan to continue being a strange-acting pain in the ass, then yeah, it would be.
june69ed: well you have plenty of amphibian friends to talk to
june69ed: so you will never be lonely
june69ed: where is beth anyway
Foenix13: Well, that was basically my little vengeance for driving me up the wall. I set them loose, and have no control over what they've done. Smacked 'em around a bit for some stuff...
Foenix13: She's at a RenFest this weekend.
june69ed: what is that
Foenix13: Renneisance Festival
june69ed: in texas
Foenix13: Yeah.
june69ed: i want to be able to say good bye to you w/out the amphibians so i put everyone but you on block
june69ed: i am so glad that you have been my internet buddy and have been there to talk to me
Foenix13: Thanks, I think.
june69ed: even tho you havent exactly been nice all the time
june69ed: now you need to be left alone so you can pursue your relationship with beth
Foenix13: Not much to pursue until she gets home tomorrow.
june69ed: well then you need time to prepar to pursue your relationghip
june69ed: you can always remember me by felix the cat
june69ed: are you going to post this conversation online?
Foenix13: Actually, I already deleted it.
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: you deleted the cat?
june69ed: whY
Foenix13: I don't really care for things like that.
june69ed: well you should have sent him back to me
june69ed: so i could adopt him
june69ed: i hope you didnt get the virus commonly associated with felix
june69ed: i dont have it on my computer so it should be ok
Foenix13: Already ran the virus checker.
june69ed: and the vet said he was clean
june69ed: it doesnt always show up on the virus scan tho
june69ed: thats the thing
june69ed: you will prolly be ok
june69ed: anyway, i dont know where you post the conversations, but this can be teh final one in the saga
june69ed: do you want me to say something psycchotic and in character
Foenix13: See, this is that "continuing to be a pain in the ass" type behaviour I was talking about ;)
june69ed: what is
Foenix13: Taunting me with viral threats.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: so what is a good character remark

june69ed: maybe that i am looking for some imaginary person who has been playing hide and seek for the last 12 years
june69ed: or that you are my boyfriend as well as countless other guys
june69ed: can you do me a favor tho?
june69ed: before i go
Foenix13: What?
june69ed: can you please edit this conversation for the name ***** *****
june69ed: take that name out?
Foenix13: Ok.
june69ed: thanks :-)
june69ed: so you are really going to do it?
Foenix13: Edit it out? Yeah.
june69ed: ok
Foenix13: I do keep my word.
june69ed: well good bye jason
june69ed: it has been good talking to you
Foenix13: Bye.

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