Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


june69ed: hello
june69ed: i am surprised you are in tonight
Foenix13: Evening.
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: i am having trouble
june69ed: i am supposed to be dating this guy who is friends with my friends
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: and i want to go out with my friends but not him
june69ed: so i opted to just stay in and i will go out and see him tomorrow
june69ed: it is a difficult and confusing situation
june69ed: as you can prolly imagine
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: anyway i am so tired today
june69ed: my brother bought a car today so things are pretty exciting around here
june69ed: and i am not in the mood to drink and stay out late
Foenix13: That's cool.
june69ed: yes i bought a new car a week and a half ago after my last car was totalled through no fault of my own
june69ed: so we bought 2 cars this month
june69ed: and i wll sue that guy who hit me b/c i have a bad back due to the accident
Foenix13: Good for you.
june69ed: i must go for an x ray on monday for my back and my right knee
june69ed: anyway, how would you suggest telling a guy that you are going to see quite frequently that you dont want to date
june69ed: but just be friends
Foenix13: Tell him exactly that.
june69ed: w/out hurting his feelings
june69ed: that would hurt his feelings
Foenix13: No matter what, his feelings will be hurt. Just tell him you really like him a lot, and enjoy being friends, but you're not interested in being more than that.
june69ed: i dont know
june69ed: i should do the "its not you, its me" routine ;-)
Foenix13: Nah, trust me, honesty is good ;)
june69ed: so i should just say i dont want to date him but just want to be friends
Foenix13: Pretty much, yes.
Foenix13: Boy, I'm never gonna hear the end of this if it backfires, am I? =)
june69ed: remember how bad my memory is
june69ed: you will prolly never hear about it again
june69ed: hahahahah
june69ed: are you there?
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: you really dont say much
Foenix13: Not really, no.
june69ed: i wonder if you have a lot to say to beth and your other buddies
Foenix13: When I have something to say.
june69ed: i dont think you have ever had something to say to me
Foenix13: Hmm. I think you may be right.
june69ed: i am usually right ;-)
june69ed: what team do you want to win the World Series?
Foenix13: I really don't follow sports, don't care for 'em.
june69ed: oh really
june69ed: i am a die hard Yankees fan
june69ed: was in NYC last year during the subway series
june69ed: went to college in the Bronx
Foenix13: Cool.
june69ed: have you been to NYC
Foenix13: Just been through it travelling elsewhere.
june69ed: oh really
june69ed: now is a good time to go b/c everything is so cheap b/c of the WTC bombings
Foenix13: I went by the city a week prior to those, actually.
june69ed: a nice hotel is $100 and a three course lunch at a 4 star restaurant is $10
june69ed: oh really
june69ed: my dad had an office in the building
june69ed: was not there at the time
Foenix13: Lucky.
june69ed: yes
Foenix13: I had a friend that was working there, and went for another job about a month before.
june69ed: some people from his company was on one of the planes
june69ed: he worked for sun microsystems
june69ed: the deaths have not been publisized in the area
june69ed: your friend was lucky
june69ed: where does you friend work now?
Foenix13: I don't know, I found out kind of second hand, by way of several people.
june69ed: oh well in any event that was a good career choice
Foenix13: Definitely.
june69ed: the economy is bad tho
june69ed: layoffs in the computer industry have hit hard
Foenix13: It's getting better though.
june69ed: no it is getting worse i think
june69ed: your friends did not seem to like me very much :-P
Foenix13: We've had many days amusement.
june69ed: i know
june69ed: but still i dont think that they liked me
june69ed: i especially think that beth did not like me
Foenix13: Well, what d'you expect when you say that your with her boyfriend?
june69ed: your other friends also did not like me tho
june69ed: well at least you like me
Foenix13: I never said that.
june69ed: but i can tell
june69ed: i have to go now
Foenix13: Ok
june69ed: but i will talk to you later
june69ed: bye bye

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