Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


june69ed: you got kicked off?
Foenix13: DSL locked up.
june69ed: iknew it when you left w/out saying bye
june69ed: so my thought is coming at you now
june69ed: ready
june69ed: set
june69ed: go
june69ed: 1
june69ed: 2
june69ed: 3
june69ed: fire
june69ed: the
june69ed: thought
june69ed: away
june69ed: ae you there?
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: and are you ready
Foenix13: I told you, I don't really care.
june69ed: ok
june69ed: i hope you can understand my thought tho
june69ed: jaha'ojwDNO'AWHO'WH'LVN
june69ed: get it?
june69ed: do you need me to translate
june69ed: are you there?
Foenix13: Oh, how clever.
june69ed: it says "i wonder where my conversation w/ you are posted on the internet" in Greenlandish
june69ed: i wonder if you have a thought about that now
june69ed: what is your thought sweetie?
Foenix13: I'm wondering how long it's going to take you to find them.
june69ed: i am wondering too
june69ed: about many things
june69ed: like why you would steal my conversations and give them to other internet people
june69ed: please give them to me
june69ed: one at a time please
Foenix13: There's nothing to give.
june69ed: do you notice any common phrases that people use
Foenix13: No, but I haven't been looking.
june69ed: for instance.....
june69ed: name some
june69ed: you are a plain and simple thief
june69ed: you know that dont you
june69ed: i know a common phrase you use
june69ed: "no"
june69ed: yes"
june69ed: "i dont care"
june69ed: are some of yours
Foenix13: I've been called worse.
june69ed: but i must realy hurt to be told the truth
june69ed: i am sorry for insulting you honey
Foenix13: Nope, doesn't hurt at all.
june69ed: you dont feel emotional pain right now
Foenix13: Not a bit.
june69ed: you must be a robot
june69ed: do you have human blood
june69ed: i wonder about you so much
Foenix13: That is up for some debate, yes.
june69ed: my only comfort is that our relationship is back on track
june69ed: now that beth is out of the picture
Foenix13: There is no relationship, and Beth is not out of the picture.
june69ed: well i dont see her in any picture w/ you and me
Foenix13: None exist.
june69ed: anyway arent you worried now that you left her that she might shoot you with a blow gun
june69ed: or stab you w/ a sword
Foenix13: Nah.
june69ed: i have a picture of us together
june69ed: when we wen to texas last week
Foenix13: That would be a neat trick.
june69ed: it was fun to drive while you sat in the back and told me if we were being followed and when to switch cars
june69ed: do you remember the horror story i started a while ago before our vacation?
Foenix13: Yeah, vaguely.
june69ed: do you want to hear the end
Foenix13: Nope.
june69ed: oh it is too scary for you like my thought was
june69ed: dont be shy babes
june69ed: you can tell me when you are scared
june69ed: tell me
june69ed: jason?
june69ed: tell me
Foenix13: I rarely ever get scared, and this isn't one of those times.
june69ed: 0h you are so cute when you are lying
june69ed: now tell me the truth
Foenix13: I already did.
june69ed: do these colors make you think back to the rotten old days when you were still w/ beth
june69ed: JASON ARE YOU THERE???
Foenix13: I still am with Beth.
june69ed: oh stop being silly
Foenix13: That's funny, coming from you.
june69ed: i will see you soon
june69ed: but now i gotta run
june69ed: never forget how much i love you, baby
Foenix13: Oh good.
Foenix13: I could use the break from your insipid ramblings.
june69ed: <3 <3 <3
june69ed: luv ya jason

I think it is time to sic Beth on her again.


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