Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


june69ed: just woke up?
Foenix13: Nope, just took a shower.
june69ed: oh well at least you dont sleep all day
june69ed: are you ever not online for more than a few hours
Foenix13: Yeah.
june69ed: i leave my IM on when i am ar work
june69ed: but i certainly dont stay on all the tiem
june69ed: hello?
Foenix13: Hello.
june69ed: you should not be so impolite
june69ed: i dont care
june69ed: but other people might be offended
june69ed: do you like the comedy "chasing amy"?
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: that is lovely
june69ed: b/c you like comic books
june69ed: i thought it sucked
Foenix13: We're all entitled to our opinion.
june69ed: i dont agree with your opinion
june69ed: on entitlement to our opinions
june69ed: hello
june69ed: hurry please
Foenix13: I have no response.
june69ed: i know you have brainy thoughts in your head
june69ed: and my thought is............
june69ed: are you in suspense?
Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: what a dirty little lie
june69ed: and my thought is............
Foenix13: No, I really could care less.
june69ed: are you in suspense?
Foenix13: Again, no.
june69ed: Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: june69ed: are you in suspense?
june69ed: Foenix13: Again, no
june69ed: this conversation is boring
june69ed: now lets get going
june69ed: hello jason dont ignore me
Foenix13: I have to go.
june69ed: i still have not told you my thought
june69ed: now listen
Foenix13: Write it down so you don't lose it!



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