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And So, It Ends

I believe today will be the last IM conversation with my cyberstalker, Melissa.

june69ed: hello
Foenix13: Hello.
june69ed: where have you been
Foenix13: I told you I was going to Texas.
june69ed: texas?
june69ed: you really went to texas
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: how it beth
Foenix13: She's good.
june69ed: does she look nice w/her red hair
june69ed: are you adusted to VST again already and how did you get to and from texas
Foenix13: Yes. It's more a dark auburn than red really, but still nice.
Foenix13: Drove down with some friends.
june69ed: oh i thought you do not drive
june69ed: are you lying
Foenix13: I didn't drive myself, I was just a passanger/
june69ed: so you could sleep
june69ed: did you see the mississippi
june69ed: and you must have really missed me
june69ed: RIGHT?\
Foenix13: Yeah, I saw the Mississippi, briefly.
Foenix13: Nah, I had a nice, quiet time without you ;)
june69ed: oh i have never ssen that creek the mississippi
june69ed: i saw a comedy while you were gone
june69ed: guess the name of the film
june69ed: think think think jason think
Foenix13: Hmm.
Foenix13: Not sure.
june69ed: are you thinking
june69ed: i will tell you the name now
june69ed: if you want
Foenix13: Sure.
june69ed: Sleepers
june69ed: did you see that comedy
Foenix13: I don't think I have.
june69ed: oh really it was very popular
june69ed: it had brad pitt, robert deniro, kevin bacon
june69ed: etc
june69ed: all star cast
Foenix13: Ahh. I'm not a big Brad pitt fan.
june69ed: you did not see it
june69ed: did you see it tho
Foenix13: I don't think so.
june69ed: about some boys who got physically and sexually abused in a boys correctional facility
june69ed: hilarious
june69ed: i recommend it strongly jason
Foenix13: Ah yes, I have seen that. I remember now.
june69ed: and it is so funny too
Foenix13: And you have a strange idea of comedy.
june69ed: why do you say that
june69ed: has beth seen the comedy
june69ed: you should see it together when you go to Texas next week
Foenix13: I don't know.
Foenix13: And I'm not going back next week.
june69ed: why would you not see it w/her
june69ed: oh really
june69ed: i thought you were
june69ed: dont you like to switch time zones and the only way to do so is to switch locations
june69ed: what kind of car did you drive there
Foenix13: Several different cars.
june69ed: and waht kind of car did you drive back from texas
Foenix13: Had to make sure we weren't being tracked.
june69ed: did you rent the cars
june69ed: why would you be tracked
june69ed: i was not following you to texas this time
june69ed: i waas waiting to do that next week
Foenix13: Always good to be safe.
june69ed: safe from what
Foenix13: Those who may want to find me.
june69ed: are the police looking for you
june69ed: the FBI
june69ed: are you a terrorist like bin laden
Foenix13: I've said to much...
june69ed: that is unusual
june69ed: usually you do not say anything interesting
june69ed: but now i am interested in whether i should not tell the police where you are if i ever see any police
june69ed: normally i talk to the police when they are giving me a speeding ticket
june69ed: but i will not tell them about you
june69ed: i will say your name i mike
june69ed: good idea?
Foenix13: Whatever
june69ed: are you a criminal
Foenix13: Nah.
Foenix13: Just paranoid.
june69ed: then why do you have to look for people behind you
june69ed: do you know the song "the eyes of the ranger are upon you"
Foenix13: Nope.
june69ed: i will write the lyrics for yo then
june69ed: it is about texas also
june69ed: ok here we go
june69ed: "the eyes of the ranger are upon you
june69ed: everywhere you go
june69ed: he is going to be
june69ed: when youre in texas look behind you
june69ed: cuz thats where the rangers gonna be"
june69ed: nice huh?
Foenix13: Not bad.
june69ed: we must have similar taste in music
june69ed: do you know my other favorite song
june69ed: its kinda like soft rock
june69ed: called "row row row your boat"
june69ed: you know that song also
Foenix13: Yes
june69ed: do you like it
june69ed: send me the exact lyrics please
Foenix13: Not anymore, it's more of a kids song.
june69ed: i forget all of them
Foenix13: Yeah well, do a search on the internet for 'em.
june69ed: i dont know how to log on
june69ed: the internet makes me confused
june69ed: can you do the search and cut and paste the lyrics
june69ed: please jason please
june69ed: i could sing the song to my friends if i knew the words
Foenix13: The internet makes you confused? I figured you were before you got that far.
june69ed: i am only confused when i use the internet or IM people
june69ed: that is why you are my only internet boyfriend
Foenix13: No, I'm not.
june69ed: my other boyfriends are alll not internet but i meet them on the street or the mall or at a party sometimes
june69ed: once you get one boyfriend he keeps passing your name around an you get more and more
june69ed: its easy
Foenix13: Uh huh.
june69ed: why do you keep being so persistant that we are just friends when it is obvious that we really care for each other in a special way
june69ed: prolly you feel like you are talking to beht sometimes
Foenix13: What gave you the impression I even like you?
june69ed: you should tel me her screen name and password so i can sign on under her name
june69ed: i know you like me b/c usually a boy will not talk to me more than once
june69ed: jason are you there
june69ed: i thought of another song
june69ed: called
Foenix13: Um, no, I am not giving you any screen names, or passwords, and should turn you in to AOL.
Foenix13: And why do I keep talking to you? Your stupid insane ramblings amuse me and my friends greatly.
june69ed: i think i should turn you into aol b/c the police are looking for you
june69ed: how do your friends know about me
june69ed: i thought i was a secret
Foenix13: I've told them all about the weird girl who thinks I'm someone else.
june69ed: like a christmas present
june69ed: now i cannot type b/c i am crying so hard b/c you do not like me anymore
june69ed: or my music
june69ed: i always thought you thought i was not funny
Foenix13: Well, not particularly, but amusing.
june69ed: so you really have a dislike for me then
june69ed: since i am not funny and ramble
Foenix13: I don't really feel either way. You were an amusing distraction.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: many of your friends are iming me
Foenix13: I know.
june69ed: one of your friends does not know about VST can you believe it
june69ed: i am getting confused
june69ed: w/all of these people talkin g to me\
june69ed: none of them know where mike is

Feel free to post your own logs of encounters with her ;)


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