Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

My Stance

On what? you ask? Why, today's bombings, of course. For those who've been under a rock all day... ;)

I agree with what we're doing. I had to think about it long and hard, but I do agree that retaliation is necessary. We can't just let an act like what was perpetrated on 9/11 to go unchallenged.

John said, "Well, we're just doing exactly what Bin Laden wants us to do, and prove him right." Still, it's better to show that those actions will no longer be tolerated in this world. It may make a martyr out of him, or fuel the flames of more terrorists, but is it better to let those same terrorists see that we're just going to shrug our shoulders?

I think not.

I greive for the innocents who will be lost over there, as I do for those we lost, because there are always innocents caught in the crossfire. There is no way around that, not realistically. We just have to find some way to remain focused, and keep those losses to a minimum, striving to only take out those truly responsible. Once we lose site of that, and begin wantonly destroying the country, that is when we become no better than those who decided it would be a good idea to knock the US down a peg by introducing the World Trade Centers, and the Pentagon, to a couple Boeings.


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