Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


I'm tormenting my friend with the knowledge I have an attractive girlfriend.

Gorok190: What happened to you, man?
Gorok190: Texas steal your soul?
Gorok190: You're pure blood spirit?
Gorok190: Your
Foenix13: Nah, I'm sorting through the events. Almost screwed up my nascent relationship before it got started.
Gorok190: ok.....
Gorok190: Translate that into ingles.
Foenix13: Me have kinda girlfriend in Texas. We met for first time. Jason is a schmuck when it comes to the womenfolk. Jason nearly killed the relationship.
Gorok190: You nearly killed her?
Gorok190: Sweet Lord, how did you escape the Texans?
Foenix13: No, the relationship, not her =P
Gorok190: :P
Gorok190: Ok, so you're now dating a Texan?
Foenix13: Kinda.
Gorok190: Doesn't that count as another species?
Foenix13: No =P
Gorok190: Damn. I was pretty sure they were.
Gorok190: No way in Hell you're gonna convince me Senior Bush-wacked is human.
Foenix13: Oh, gosh no. We both hate him ;)
Gorok190: So? I hate people of *my* species.
Gorok190: ;)
Foenix13: Hey, she's got a close physical match with Rachel Summers, she can be whatever species she wants ;)
Gorok190: Holy fuck!
Gorok190: You lucky asshole!
Foenix13: Damn straight
Gorok190: Argh! No I have to find you and kill you.
Gorok190: Assimilate your identity...
Foenix13: And this picture does not do her justice ;)
Gorok190: nothing there
Foenix13: Damn, you must be one of the people who can't access my webserver, for some reason.
Gorok190: send me the picture!
Gorok190: Send it!!!!
Gorok190: I must know whether or not you're a dead man!
Gorok190: She's cute.
Gorok190: Goddamnit, she reminds me of my last girlfriend.
Gorok190: I hate that.
Gorok190: Good luck, my friend.
Foenix13: Like I said, the picture isn't all that great of a representation of her. I almost didn't recognise her when we met ;)
Gorok190: Is she cool with comics?
Foenix13: Yeah
Foenix13: She read my copy of Origin over the weekend ;P
Gorok190: ARRGH!
Gorok190: That's it!
Gorok190: SPASM TIME!
Gorok190: ARGH!
Gorok190: OOHG!
Foenix13: And is working on aquiring a Phoenix costume...
Gorok190: FUHH!
Gorok190: HARHH!!
Foenix13: She's also a big Scifi geek.
Gorok190: NUHH!!!
Gorok190: GAAHH!
Gorok190: I can't take it!
Gorok190: STOP!
Gorok190: STOP!!!!!!!
Foenix13: I won't share the outfit she had on Saturday night... ;)
Gorok190: .....
Gorok190: Curse you, Richards!!!!!!
Gorok190: I'm going out to walk my dog... and cry.
Gorok190: bbl

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