Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Melissa Update

Yeah, she's still coming around, I'm still amused. Sick, sick man...

june69ed: hello jason
Foenix13: Evening.
june69ed: how was your day
Foenix13: Good.
june69ed: that is nice to hear
june69ed: how is beth doing today
Foenix13: Haven't talked to her yet.
june69ed: b/c it is a different time zone in texas
june69ed: TST
Foenix13: No, she just isn't on much during the day, her parents like to keep the phoneline free.
june69ed: does beth go to college
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: what does she do
june69ed: write
june69ed: ?
Foenix13: She's a substitute teacher.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: for the rest of her life
Foenix13: Probably not, just trying to save up money to move out of her parents' place right now.
june69ed: you should move in w/her
june69ed: so you could tie up the phone line together
Foenix13: Eh, Texas is to hot for me.
june69ed: she could move to vermont and live in VST
Foenix13: Maybe. That's a bit further down the road in our planning though.
june69ed: you should start thinking about it
june69ed: her biological clock is ticking
june69ed: tick
june69ed: tick
june69ed: tick
Foenix13: She wants to just get out of her parents' place to start with, and let them get used to the fact that she's not going to be there before moving cross-country.
june69ed: so she is thinking about it
Foenix13: Sort of, she doesn't like the cold.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: do you like cold weather
june69ed: hello.........
Foenix13: Yes, I do. Sorry, needed a drink.
june69ed: that is ok
june69ed: but dont do it again
june69ed: you have to only drink alcohol
june69ed: if you are thirsty
Foenix13: Eh.
june69ed: what is your problem
Foenix13: What?
june69ed: never mind
june69ed: i got confused
Foenix13: Ok...
june69ed: you are so confusing
Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: well i think you are
Foenix13: What were you cofused about?
june69ed: i forget
june69ed: i am talking to a friend about a boy
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: yeah
Foenix13: Well, I have to run.

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