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More Melissa


june69ed: did you eat meat yet
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: what kind of animal
Foenix13: Cow.
june69ed: what is the name of the dish
Foenix13: Teriyaki steak.
june69ed: were you in a frat at WPI
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: i went to a frat party there last night
june69ed: they did not serve meat
june69ed: are you there
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: do you think i am a college student
june69ed: or a HS student
june69ed: or neither
Foenix13: I'm not sure. I'd lean more towards a HS student though.
june69ed: guess
june69ed: try again
june69ed: how old do you think i am
Foenix13: I was thinking around 17, 18.
june69ed: before you said you think of everyone as being aobut 20
june69ed: i would be an old HS student if i were 20
Foenix13: Your special.
june69ed: you should study spelling if you want to get published
june69ed: or you need a good editor
Foenix13: Ack, I hate when I do that.
june69ed: it makes me angry when people dont spell words correctly
june69ed: i once knew a bad speller
june69ed: and i did not like the guy for it
june69ed: i am sensitive to that
june69ed: are you talking to beth now
june69ed: how about mike
Foenix13: Not right now. And I don't know Mike.
june69ed: oh i got confused
june69ed: i thought you knew mike
june69ed: but now i remember that you dont
june69ed: i wonder what beth is doing now
june69ed: it is a different time there
june69ed: well, i dont want to talk about beth all night
june69ed: do you?
Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: good
june69ed: want to hear a horror story
Foenix13: Sure.
june69ed: ok
june69ed: it starts out with a young girl
june69ed: early 20s
june69ed: and a car
june69ed: named zoie
Foenix13: Ok
june69ed: i wont make you guess what happens next because i am going to tell you the story
june69ed: are you ready for the rest
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: ok
june69ed: the girl (nameless)
june69ed: gets in zoie
june69ed: got it so far
june69ed: ?
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: here we go:
june69ed: the girl turns on the car
june69ed: next she puts it in reverse]
june69ed: and backs out of the parking spot
june69ed: she and zoie
june69ed: head towards teh nameless girls school
june69ed: she has a test today
june69ed: in microeconomics
june69ed: together they go
june69ed: not so fast not so slow
june69ed: just about the speed limit
june69ed: driving straight
june69ed: suddenly a blue
june69ed: what kind of car do you drive?
june69ed: do you drive
june69ed: you are not reading the story, are you?
june69ed: are you there?
Foenix13: No, I don't drive.
june69ed: really?
Foenix13: Really.
june69ed: ok
june69ed: never mind
june69ed: we will go on ok?
Foenix13: Ok,
june69ed: a blue, evil chevy blazer
june69ed: (you know what that is)
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: pulls out directly into zoie, sending her into a spin and onto a patch of grass int he middle of a fork in teh road
june69ed: you got it?
june69ed: can you please read a little faster?
june69ed: like, much faster
june69ed: i will finish it another day
Foenix13: Sorry, I'm trying to get a program working at the same time.
june69ed: that is ok
june69ed: i will tell the rest of the story another time
Foenix13: Ok
june69ed: lets talk about insecurities
june69ed: what makes you feel insecure
june69ed: when youleave the computer
Foenix13: Not much.
june69ed: you dont ever feel insecure
june69ed: i do
june69ed: i feel insecure when i tell someone a story in person and they dont respond
june69ed: that story i was telling you is a good one, right?
Foenix13: I'm a pretty secure person, really.
Foenix13: Yeah, it was decent.
june69ed: if yes, i should tell it to every person i see
june69ed: but not spectacular
june69ed: it is a cliff hanger
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: you could never guess what happens next
june69ed: i dont want to tell you the whole thing because you could get it published before me
june69ed: i am working on beginning it
june69ed: sometime next week
Foenix13: Cool.
june69ed: i could tell you the end, only if you let me kill you and your cat
june69ed: if you have one
Foenix13: I have four.
june69ed: oh that would be messy
june69ed: and it is boring to kill cats
june69ed: especially slow ones
june69ed: or cats that are not vegetarians
june69ed: what are your cats names
june69ed: one at a tiem please
june69ed: time
Foenix13: Morris, Midnight, Lyta, and Zoe.
june69ed: i said one at a time please
june69ed: try again
june69ed: what color are your cats
june69ed: one at a time please
Foenix13: Moe is orange.
Foenix13: Midnight is black.
Foenix13: And the other two are both calico, a dark grey.
june69ed: how about zoe
june69ed: are they related to each other or to you
Foenix13: Lyta and Zoe are from the same litter.
june69ed: some people say my tongue is a rough as a cats
june69ed: i can do cleaning with it
june69ed: but usually i use a damp rag
june69ed: do you like comedies
Foenix13: Sometimes.
june69ed: how about the movie :braveheart'
june69ed: it is SO funny
Foenix13: I don't really care for sitcoms.
Foenix13: And I love Braveheart.
june69ed: funny right?
Foenix13: A little.
june69ed: wanna know another comedy play
june69ed: death of a saleman
Foenix13: Sure.
Foenix13: Haven't seen that yet.
june69ed: death of a salesman
june69ed: you could read the play
june69ed: know who writes it
june69ed: i read it last year in 6th grade
june69ed: dont worry i am above the age of 18 tho
june69ed: b/c i am special
Foenix13: O...kay.
june69ed: some people even call it special needs
june69ed: but in my class, we read classic literature
june69ed: like beowolf
june69ed: you know the comedy?\
june69ed: it is so funny
Foenix13: It's not all that funny, no...
june69ed: and the 1st recorded story ever4
june69ed: i sleep with grendel every night
june69ed: even tho the book says that beowolf killed him
june69ed: he has been hiding in my bedfor years
june69ed: grendel is the reason i dont need a boyfriend
june69ed: b/c there is not room for one in the bed
Foenix13: Right...
june69ed: and guys dont like monsters in beds
june69ed: it really turns them off
june69ed: some have said
june69ed: what do you think
Foenix13: And just what drugs do you take? =)
june69ed: carisoprodol and ibuprofen
june69ed: i just looked on the container for the correct spelling
june69ed: what drugs do you take
Foenix13: None.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: i got confused
june69ed: i thought you just got out of rehab in buffalo
june69ed: that is mike tho
june69ed: i was thinking of
june69ed: adn you are jason
Foenix13: Whatever.
june69ed: how silly of me
june69ed: the drugs are part of the horror story
june69ed: i hope if my condition does not improve i can get a refill of them from my man
june69ed: dont know his name
Foenix13: Condition?
june69ed: do you need drugs for severe back pain
june69ed: from impact
june69ed: i know you dont take them
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: that is too badc
june69ed: bad
june69ed: you dont get no drugs for yo aching body
june69ed: aint it true baby blue
Foenix13: Probably wouldn't get them anyways, try to keep all that shit out of my body.
june69ed: i dont like the s word
june69ed: or any bad words
june69ed: try to clean it up a litle
june69ed: hey yo
june69ed: dont got much to say
june69ed: anyway
june69ed: what a day
june69ed: today
june69ed: i would have to say
june69ed: i hope you stay
june69ed: online some time
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: so we can have some time
june69ed: to rhyme
june69ed: sounds fine
june69ed: its mine
june69ed: time
june69ed: to rhyme
june69ed: your time
june69ed: to rhyme
june69ed: go
Foenix13: Nah.
june69ed: but not so slow
june69ed: joe
june69ed: yo
june69ed: slow
june69ed: joe
june69ed: rhyme time
june69ed: is now'
june69ed: you big cow
Foenix13: Now that's not nice.
june69ed: its ice
june69ed: cold moldy
june69ed: oldy
june69ed: you there
june69ed: well where
june69ed: else would you go
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: joe
june69ed: since you dont drive
june69ed: adn cant arrive
june69ed: in texas
june69ed: often cuz you
june69ed: are closer to boston
june69ed: write
june69ed: right
june69ed: now
june69ed: jason are you there?
Foenix13: What?
june69ed: you decide
june69ed: if i were i mind reader
Foenix13: Decide what?
june69ed: i would not talk to you online
june69ed: duh
june69ed: i cant read youre mind
june69ed: guess why not
Foenix13: What?
june69ed: are you confused
june69ed: or just slow to understand
Foenix13: Yes, you stopped making sense around the time you started rhyming.
june69ed: i love rhyming tho
june69ed: do you
Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: why not
june69ed: hold on
june69ed: my brother might be committing suicide
june69ed: i will be right back
june69ed: we have to go to the ER
june69ed: now
Foenix13: Ok, have fun.
june69ed: the ER sucks
june69ed: i have to see if he has to go 1st
june69ed: we can still talk
june69ed: my mom is angry
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: not with me
june69ed: b/c my brother took a lot of pills
june69ed: but not my pills
Foenix13: Ah.
june69ed: i hve to wait htere while he has his stomach pumped
june69ed: ever had your stomach pumped
june69ed: i havent
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: it must not be fun
june69ed: i hope i dont have to go
june69ed: things are fine now
june69ed: i was kidding before
june69ed: writing a comedy story
Foenix13: About which?
june69ed: the suicidy story
june69ed: suicide
Foenix13: Ah.
june69ed: did you think it was funny
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: why not!!!!
Foenix13: I don't find suicide to be a laughing matter.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: i thought it was funny
june69ed: now i see why you would not think so tho
june69ed: it is prolly very serious
june69ed: and perhaps deadly
june69ed: do you agree
Foenix13: Yes
june69ed: do you have any siblings jason?
Foenix13: Yes, many.
june69ed: tell me their names one by one
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: are they older or younger
Foenix13: They're all older.
june69ed: why wont you tell me the names
june69ed: do any live at home w/ you
Foenix13: Because I don't know all their names. There are a few I've never met.
june69ed: and how many are there exactly
Foenix13: No, they don't.
june69ed: now are you kidding or no
Foenix13: I'm serious. I've led a strange life.
june69ed: are your parents still togethre
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: is it their first marriage
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: how old are you parents
Foenix13: They're in their late 50s
june69ed: how many times were they married and how old were they when they started having kids
june69ed: do you have any kids
Foenix13: They were each married once before, and I don't know how old they were.
Foenix13: And no, I don't.
june69ed: so you dont know how old your siblings are
Foenix13: For the most part. They're in their late 30s.
june69ed: oh
june69ed: so your parents were ten when they started to have kids
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: oh i got confused
Foenix13: That seems to happen a lot.
june69ed: shut up
june69ed: i have to go now
Foenix13: Ok.
june69ed: bye sweetie
Foenix13: Eh?

Hrmph. I hate when they leave me hanging like that.


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