Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

A Brief Encounter

Melissa popped back up on my AOL screen today, not much of note, but I want to keep a record of this...

june69ed: hello
Foenix13: Hi.
june69ed: how have you been
june69ed: how is beth
Foenix13: We're both good.
june69ed: did you go for a walk today?
Foenix13: Not yet, going soon though.
june69ed: did you eat any meat today?
Foenix13: Not yet, going to soon though.
june69ed: what time do you usuallly wake up in the morning
Foenix13: Two in the afternoon is pretty normal, I'm a night person.
june69ed: what do you do all night
june69ed: i went to a WPI frat party last night
Foenix13: Goof around online, write, various stuff.
june69ed: that sounds good
june69ed: i have to go tho
Foenix13: Ok.
june69ed: bye

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