Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

More With the Nutter

She returned this evening, and here's tonight's log.

june69ed: hello
Foenix13: Hi
june69ed: i hope you are in a better mood
Foenix13: Yeah, I guess.
june69ed: hey guess what i am eating right now
june69ed: no i will tell you
june69ed: B&J ice cream
june69ed: phish food
Foenix13: Cool.
june69ed: do you like that flavor
Foenix13: Not really.
june69ed: what is your favorite flavor
Foenix13: Heath Bar crunch.
june69ed: does ben & jerrry's make that flavor
june69ed: do you know what is really good
june69ed: half baked
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: do you know the flavor half baked
Foenix13: Not offhand, no.
june69ed: it is chocolate ice cream with cookie dough and brownies
Foenix13: Ahh, interesting.
june69ed: it might have vanilla ice cream too
june69ed: i cant remember
june69ed: do you really love ice cream or just a little
Foenix13: Just a little. Don't have it very often.
june69ed: i eat it just about every day.....some days twice
june69ed: what type of food do you like
Foenix13: Italian foods, and most meat.
june69ed: you are not a vegetarian then
june69ed: i am not either
june69ed: i like meat sometimes
Foenix13: No, where would you get that idea?
june69ed: are you italian
june69ed: i dont just get ideas
june69ed: i was just making a point
Foenix13: No, I'm not.
june69ed: that you are not a vegetarian and neither am i so we have something in common
june69ed: what type of person are you then, if you are not italian
Foenix13: A little of almost everything, really. Mostly French.
june69ed: you are mostly french
june69ed: have you ever been to france
june69ed: it is a different time zone there
Foenix13: No, I haven;t.
june69ed: i wonder what time it is there right now
june69ed: i was supposed to go to madrid and paris but i got mono and had to stay home
june69ed: have you ever had mono
Foenix13: Nope, roommate in college did though.
june69ed: it sucks
june69ed: let me ask you something
june69ed: do you enjoy talking to me
Foenix13: I'm not sure yet.
june69ed: why do you say that
Foenix13: You alternate from normal conversation to driving me up the wall.
june69ed: when did i have normal conversation
Foenix13: Well, the ice cream stuff was fairly lucid.
june69ed: really?
june69ed: do you like me better when i talk about ice cream
Foenix13: Not ice cream, specifically, no.
june69ed: you spend a lot of time online
Foenix13: Yes, I do.
june69ed: do you always talk to attractive young ladies while you are online
Foenix13: Nope.
june69ed: so these have been lucky days for you the
june69ed: then
june69ed: does beth live in vermont or buffalo
Foenix13: Neither.
june69ed: where does she live then
Foenix13: Texas.
june69ed: oh no
june69ed: how do you ever see her
june69ed: she is on a different time zone
Foenix13: We meet occasionally, I'm travelling down in a few weeks.
june69ed: do you ever cheat on beth.....i wont tell her
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: well that is awfully nice of you
june69ed: how did you meet
june69ed: what part of texas does she live in
june69ed: hello?
Foenix13: It was at a meeting of a lot of my internet friends, we were both there, got to know each other...
june69ed: you have a lot of internet friends
Foenix13: Yeah.
june69ed: where was the party
june69ed: how do you make an internet friend
Foenix13: Toronto.
june69ed: you have friends that are not internet friends and just regular friends
Foenix13: Yeah.
june69ed: how many internet and how many regular
june69ed: i know you only have one girlfriend as such
Foenix13: I don't know. I don't really keep track, and the lines blur.
june69ed: do you talk to beth a lot online
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: are you talking to her now
Foenix13: Every day.
Foenix13: Yes.
june69ed: say hello for me
june69ed: did you tell her about me yet
Foenix13: Yeah
june69ed: what did you tell her
Foenix13: That someone started IMing me thinking I'm a totally different person.
june69ed: jason?
june69ed: oh that is a good excuse
Foenix13: Excuse?
june69ed: for talking to me constantly
june69ed: let me ask you something
Foenix13: Ok
june69ed: what type of person do you think i am
june69ed: for example, what age do you think i am
Foenix13: I don't know, don't really think about it.
june69ed: or do you imagine me as being
Foenix13: I've been online for so long, it's not really something that even comes to mind.
june69ed: do you think you are talking to an old lady or a teenager
june69ed: or someone having a midlife crisis
june69ed: you must wonder a little bit
june69ed: i would
Foenix13: I don't know. I tend to think of everyone as a more or less 20ish amorphous standard human with no really outstanding features. I ran out of different descriptions for people in my head long ago, so I don't bother.
june69ed: well, do you think i would be attractive or ordinary or very ugly
Foenix13: Oh, I know better than to play that game with women. Never answer any question dealing with looks =)
june69ed: why not
june69ed: i would not take it personally b/c you could only be correct if you said attractive
june69ed: if you send anything else i would know you were mistaken b/c you have never seen me
june69ed: it would not be your fault
Foenix13: I don't like making guesses like that on people I haven't seen, it's not fair to them.
june69ed: i have a confession to make
june69ed: are you ready
Foenix13: Ok
june69ed: i lied to you about something
Foenix13: Oh?
june69ed: i am not.....really.....
june69ed: tyr to guess what the lie was
june69ed: try
june69ed: jason?
Foenix13: I'm thinking.
june69ed: ok i will wait
Foenix13: I dunno, give me a hint.
june69ed: it has to do with my appearance
Foenix13: Much as I dislike guessing games, you seem persistent in continuing them.
Foenix13: Ah, you're not a redhead, then.
june69ed: very true
june69ed: now guess what color my hair really is
Foenix13: Purple =P
june69ed: no try again
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: do you want me to tell you
Foenix13: If you want to.
june69ed: no, i want to know if you want to know what color my hair is
Foenix13: I really don't care.
june69ed: then i just wont tell you
june69ed: ok
june69ed: would you consider yourself attractive and are you a redhead
Foenix13: Not really, and no.
june69ed: why do you think you are not attractive
june69ed: beth seems to like you
Foenix13: I'm a tad overweight, that's about it. Not unattractive, but not all that attractive either.
june69ed: when you say you are overweight, what is your height and weight
Foenix13: 5'7", and about 180lbs, probably higher.
june69ed: is beth overweight
Foenix13: Not really. She thinks she could use a few lbs though.
june69ed: what about beth
june69ed: well, what is her height and weight
Foenix13: That's not really any of your buisness.
june69ed: approximately
june69ed: ok you dont have to tell me
june69ed: do you know what i think
Foenix13: What
june69ed: i think if for ever hour you spent online, if you spent 20 minutes exercising, you would be in great shape
Foenix13: Oh, probably, but I don't particularly care, as long as I don't gain weight.
june69ed: are you worried about your health
Foenix13: No, I'm actually in very good health, all things considered.
june69ed: that is good
june69ed: you should d this
june69ed: this is what i do: every morning i get up at 6:30 am VST and walk for about 1/2 to 1 hour
june69ed: you should try that
june69ed: you will actually feel really good too
Foenix13: I do walk for about 20-30 minutes day.
june69ed: well that is good
june69ed: does beth walk
Foenix13: I'm not sure.
june69ed: why dont you ask her
june69ed: then you would know
Foenix13: Because it doesn't matter to me.
june69ed: how much do you imagine me to weigh and how tall do you think i am
Foenix13: I don't know.
june69ed: take a guess then
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: come on
june69ed: what is the big deal
june69ed: jason?
Foenix13: Because I don't guess things like that. I generally dislike playing guessing games period.
june69ed: have you decided if you like talking to me yet
Foenix13: Not yet.
june69ed: well when will you decide
Foenix13: But I'm leaning towards annoyance.
june69ed: WHAT!!!!????
Foenix13: You're repetitve, can't take a hint, and are very nosey.
june69ed: if i change my personality and dye my hair red and act like beth would you like me better
Foenix13: See, now that's just getting scary.
june69ed: what type of things does beth talk about
june69ed: does she talk about VST
Foenix13: What the heck is that supposed to mean?
june69ed: i told you what VST stands for yesterday
Foenix13: Yes, I know. But what kind of question is asking if someone talks about a time zone? That's incredibly silly.
june69ed: see you think its silly and i think it is important to know
june69ed: i dont mean to argue with you
june69ed: i just think you arent very concerned about what is important to me
june69ed: or if you hurt my feelings
june69ed: are you there
Foenix13: Yep
june69ed: well......
june69ed: well how about continuing this conversation tomorrow
june69ed: i need my beauty rest
Foenix13: I suppose.
june69ed: bye

Now, she's just getting scary. And if I *have* to guess, she sounds like an insecure teenager.


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