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Those who were on IRC last night know all about the woman mistaking me for someone else and not believing that I am not this "Mike", whoever the fsck he is. I currently wish I had saved the IM conversation, because DAMN it would make a good post here =D

In lieu of that, I offer up today's IM convo.

june69ed: you again
june69ed: how have you been
june69ed: you never said goodbye before
Foenix13: Godd.
Foenix13: errr, Good.
Foenix13: I had to run quickly.
june69ed: listen i am at work
june69ed: so i cannot really talk
Foenix13: Ok.
june69ed: guess what the name of the town is tho
Foenix13: Gah, no =P
june69ed: this should be an easy one
june69ed: what is your 1st guess
june69ed: come on
june69ed: be a sport
Foenix13: I don't have one.
june69ed: try a little harder than that
june69ed: come on hurry up
june69ed: i have work to do
june69ed: you know the state
june69ed: now guess teh town i work in
Foenix13: No.
june69ed: please..............
june69ed: it is easy for you
june69ed: give me a guess
june69ed: you are so difficult to get along with sometimes
june69ed: jason, are you there
Foenix13: I'm not guessing.
june69ed: i will give you a hint
june69ed: ok
june69ed: i already gave you a hint yesterday
june69ed: ok
june69ed: now guess
june69ed: jason?????....................
june69ed: think about it
Foenix13: I said no.
june69ed: why are you so stubborn
june69ed: listen..........i will let you think about it and you can get back to me later
june69ed: ok
june69ed: come up with a few back up guesses tho
june69ed: in case your 1st one is wrong
june69ed: are you listening
june69ed: i mean reading this
Foenix13: Yep.
june69ed: ok
Foenix13: And I'm not going to guess.
june69ed: well come up with some guesses and i will talk to you later alligator
june69ed: bye
june69ed: you prolly think i am dense, but i prefer the word persistant
june69ed: ttyl

Feel free to MST, I have been =)


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