Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

What the Heck...

Another quote from B5. This is something we should all remember. For those lost here, and those we go after for those acts.

Episode 516: "All My Dreams Torn Assunder"

Sheridan: What does the candle represent?

Delenn: Life.

Sheridan: Who's life?

Delenn: All life. Every life. We are born as molecules in the hearts of a
billion stars. Molecules that do not understand politics an policy and
difference. Over a billion years we foolish molecules forget who we are and
where we came from. In desperate acts of ego, we give ourselves names, fight
over lines on maps and pretend that our light is better than everyone elses.
The flame reminds us of the piece of those stars that lives on inside us. The
spark that tells us "you should know better." The flame also reminds us that
life is precious. That each flame is unique. When it goes out, it's be gone
forever. And there will never be another quite like it.

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