Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

A Simple Survey

What the hey, haven't opened up my brain in awhile.

The Favorite Survey

Favorite color - Red. Big surprise.

Favorite flower - Marigolds, roses.

Favorite animal - I love almost all creatures. I have to, it's in my contract ;)

Favorite song - As usual, this is one of those things that changes, but I always come back to October Project's "One Dream"

Favorite band - October Project =)

Favorite movie - The Crow.

Favorite actor/actress - Actor? Right now, I'm really liking Jason Lee. As for actress, I'd have to say Alyson Hannigan. Even with the silly blonde bits.

Favorite book - Stephen King's The Stand

Favorite author - Myself. What?? An healthy ego is a very good thing.

Favorite food - Lasagna, and meat.

Favorite smell - The smell of the outdoors just before it is going to rain, and hazelnut coffee.

Favorite texture - I love velvet. Fuuuuzzy.

Favorite gemstone - Ruby, garnet, and amethyst.

Favorite televison show - Babylon 5, and Farscape.


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