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I Rule!!

One of the local radio stations here every morning does a "Nearly Impossible Question", they ask something supposedly bizarre and/or difficult, and the first person to call in gets a prize.

If I'm up, I'll poke around online, see if I can get the answer, but I either can't find it, or not in time to do anything about it.

Today, the question was "Why do we say it's raining cats and dogs? Why not something like bats and frogs?"

So, as usual, I hit the 'net, and find around five or six different stories. And folks were calling in with some of the FUNNIEST stories. I was rolling with laughter at a few.

They finally gave a clue that the story they had dealt with Scandinavian folklore. Bingo! One of the stories I had was Norse in origin.

"In Germanic mythology cats were associated with storms and rain, whereas dogs were attendants of Odin the storm god and were symbols of the winds. Ergo, raining cats and dogs means you have a lot of wind (the dogs' department) and rain (the cats' bailiwick)."

I let it go, continue to just laugh at some of the stuff being called in, and they were about to give up, so I finally called in, to relieve them.

So, I gots a t-shirt, and four tickets to the Vermont Marvel Exhibit.

I rule =)


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