Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

I Am Having a Year


I had a pipe burst last night in this bitter, bitter cold (with a side dose of my dumbassery), and the plumbers came this afternoon.

The job started looking like more work than they expected (although I suspect it might not be AS much work as they suspect) and they packed up to leave for the day to do some more homes, and come back tomorrow for my big job.

With one minor hitch.  "We're gonna need you to put 1500-2000 or so down so we can start covering things."

Well, I don't HAVE that, and they won't start work until I give them some money for the work.  Which means I have no water until I can get that money.

So here I come again with my Ko-fi page shaking my hat for any donations you might be able to send my way.  Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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