Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

I'm Invisible!!

Trisk has a new full review up, and I stick with Full Moon for two reviews in a row.  This time, it's far from an adaptation of a Poe classic, and is instead an all new superhero, borrowing upon existing tropes of the Invisible Man.

This is Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight!

This movie follows on the story from my review from last October 26th, Mandroid.  And you would think it would pick up on the threads of the title character, Benjamin Knight, last seen not being seen, as he was fading away into invisibility.

BUT NOPE!  Instead Ben spends most of the movie in bed, while MANDROID saves the day.

But enough yelling here, I have a whole page devoted to me yelling at this movie, so go check it out.


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