Jason Grey (foenix) wrote,
Jason Grey

Comics Next Week

All-New All-Different Marvel Universe
All-New X-Men Vol 2 #7
Batgirl Vol 4 #50 Cover A Regular Babs Tarr Cover
Batman And Robin Eternal #26
Black Panther Vol 6 #1 Cover A Regular Brian Stelfreeze Cover
Black Widow Vol 6 #2 Cover A Regular Chris Samnee Cover
Bloodlines #1 Hostile Takeover Cover A Regular V Ken Marion Cover
Captain America Sam Wilson #7 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover (Standoff Tie-In)
Contest Of Champions Vol 3 #7 Cover A Regular Paco Medina Cover
Drax #5
Hercules Vol 4 #5
Infinity Entity #4 Cover A Regular Alan Davis Cover
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 #8
New Avengers Vol 4 #9 (Standoff Tie-In)
Old Man Logan Vol 2 #4 Cover A Regular Andrea Sorrentino Cover
Scarlet Witch Vol 2 #5
Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 #9
Spider-Women Alpha #1 Cover A Regular Yasmine Putri Cover (Spider-Women Part 1)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 #6 Cover A Regular Erica Henderson & Joe Quinones Cover (Animal House Part 1)
Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 #8 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover (Standoff Tie-In)
Uncanny X-Men Vol 4 #6 Cover A Regular Greg Land Cover (X-Men Apocalypse Wars Tie-In)
Vision Vol 2 #6
Wicked + The Divine #18 Cover B Variant Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson Cover
X-Men 92 Vol 2 #1 Cover A Regular David Nakayama Cover

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